Keyless Entry

When we moved into our new house in November, using keys to enter the house was an adjustment. We were used to entering through our attached garage. It didn’t take us long to replace the traditional key with a digital touchpad, that allowed us easier access to the house. #firstworldproblems

Today, Rose and I returned home from walking Adi to a neighbors for a playdate. We had been gone just a few minutes. On our walk home, we had decided on our plans for our afternoon together. “I’m just going to run in and get my keys and wallet,” I told her as I absentmindedly tapped the touchpad to light up the numbers to open our door.

The screen remained black. So, I tapped again…and again.


I looked at Rose. Her eyes were wide. She knew this was going to be a problem.

I jiggled the door handle, hoping for a miracle and when that didn’t work, I tried the touchpad again.

“What are we going to do?” I asked as I typed a text to my husband…like he’d be able to help from work.

My mind whirled with possibilities. I pictured the backdoor, lock in the parallel to the floor position-meaning it was locked. I had checked right before we left. I thought through all of the other windows and doors. Could we get in any other way?

I pictured Rose and I sitting on the porch all afternoon, waiting.

“What if Adi left the backdoor unlocked? Rose said running towards the gate to the backyard.

I held my breath. Adi had run out to the back porch at the last minute when I reminded her that her water bottle was still out there. There was a chance the door might be unlocked.

As I waited for Rose to return, my mind kept spinning with possible next steps.

And then, she appeared. Toothless grin reflecting from the other side of the door I was locked out of. Adi had left the backdoor unlocked after all.

Thank goodness for careless kids.


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