Zoom In, Zoom Out- an invitation

I was grateful for Morgan’s invitation on TWT this morning. The slices feel dry this summer. Here’s my attempt to Zoom Out and Zoom In.

Big picture, a quiet moment on the porch before our summer day really begins. The air is already thick and at first glance, everything feels still-almost weighed down by another hot day.

But, if you zoom in, you see creatures hard at work…and play? The bees buzz from one flower to another. The butterflies move effortlessly through the soupy air, seeming to bounce with glee through the air. The leaves are gently swaying and if we hold still, we can almost feel their breeze. The birds’ morning chat keeps us company.

Adi paces as she gnaws on her bagel, her mouth never stops. Chewing or talking. Observing her garden, telling stories. “It looks like this tomato is ready.” The plants are doing their work of growing.

A quick glance and the world feels paralyzed by the hot but zoom in and you see it’s alive.

5 thoughts on “Zoom In, Zoom Out- an invitation

  1. One of the things I like best about your post is how the photograph contains both “still” and “busy” — something we often don’t notice unless we do zoom in and out.


  2. Ooh – I like this invitation to look closely, and I like the contrast between the big picture and the zoom in. Karen nails it when she says that your picture captures both parts of your post.


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