A stood in the kitchen, taking my first sips of coffee, soaking up the quiet morning. I stared out the window and let my mind wander for a moment. Then, something in the pool caught my eye. Was that an animal swimming? I set my coffee down and ran out to the pool. A quick glance and I thought maybe it was a chipmunk. “Hang on!” I cried as I ran for the skimmer.

A few moments later, I was carefully scooping the small creature from the pool. I turned my back to the pool and tried to gently shake it from the net. It was making sad whimpering noises. Once in the grass, a closer look told me that I had just rescued a baby bunny. I turned back to the pool and to my horror, noticed four of the siblings to the bunny I had just rescued…floating. I dropped the skimmer and ran, sobbing, into the house where I called my husband. Once he gathered, through my hysteria, that we were all just fine, he told me he was already too far from home to come back. I hung up and called my dad who said he’d come by to help with the recovery efforts. I knew I couldn’t handle that. Who knew that pool ownership could be so traumatizing?

As I hung up the phone, I realized that Rose had woken up and was now standing in the kitchen. “Are you ok Mommy?” she asked. I had to tell her the news, which she promptly ran upstairs to share with her sisters.

After my dad had arrived and taken care of the pool, he turned his attention to the baby bunny still sitting in the grass. “Shouldn’t you move it to a safer spot?” he asked. I told him that I was worried the mother rabbit wouldn’t come back for it if we moved it again. As we got ready to leave for the day, I knelt down and whispered to the baby, “I’m so sorry about your brothers and sisters.”

“We hope you have a great day,” Rose added.

Later that day, when we got back home from school, our first stop was out to the grass to see if the bunny was still there. It was gone. I hoped for the best.

That evening, we saw the mother rabbit sitting by the bush next to the pool. No signs of the baby. My heart hurt for her.

Fast forward to the next afternoon. The girls were excited because as they looked out into the backyard, they once again spotted the mother rabbit by the pool. We walked outside for a closer look. “I think the baby is under there,” Rose shouted as we all tried to get a better look. Sure enough, there was a baby rabbit nursing right there next to the pool.

“It’s a miracle,” Wren cried. “Poppy said we should call that baby Hero.”

A bittersweet ending…

Meet Hero.

12 thoughts on “Hero.

  1. I have never seen a bunny nursing – that alone is amazing. I’m sorry for Hero’s brothers & sisters, but I’m glad that Hero was rescued & that she is thriving. You’ve captured the emotional upheaval of this story really well – and also the way your girls were maybe a bit more matter of fact than you. Interesting.


  2. Wow! You really captured all the ups and downs of this story. I could so relate to the sobbing phone call to your husband. I’m so glad that Hero survived and that you experienced that moment, too.


  3. So glad that Mom and Hero have each other. This really did pack a lot into a small moment (or two). I liked “once he gathered, through my hysteria, that we were all right…” That’s his own little rollercoaster of a phone call.


  4. Wonderful story – sadness mixed with happiness. I had never seen a nursing bunny either. Thank you for that. I’m imagining a story where the bunny becomes a lifeguard when she grows up. That’s how I rectify tragedy – with happy-ending stories.


  5. Once again, I knew this story, I had heard it. The written version captures so much more detail and emotion (as others have pointed out). The written version moves slowly and as a result, brings me see and feel the moment from the inside. Maybe when I heard it that morning, it was your oral rehearsal!

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  6. Although this broke my heart for the little ones who died, I rejoice that the baby bunny you rescued was reunited with its mother, and moreover – that photo! I am in awe of it! I would say you also are the hero here.


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