Dance Mom

The dancers take their place on stage. The music starts and so do the well rehearsed moves. I see your eyes scanning the crowd, never missing a beat. “Keep looking,” I silently plead. Then you spot me. Our eyes lock. I smile wider. Your smile grows to match mine. I see you relax and just concentrate on your routine.

Shine on my dancers.

8 thoughts on “Dance Mom

  1. Look at your dancers! I love how you capture so much in this short slice – the way you are watching the child who is looking for you; the way your smiles echo each other. I love it all. Shine on, indeed!


  2. This melts my heart! The memories of dancing and watching my own little ones dance – – it brings back all the feels, and it shows the power of a mom’s presence when their daughters are dancing – – whether a routine, or through life. They are blessed to have caring and loving eyes on them.


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