“Can we make muffins for breakfast?” Adi asked before I even had a chance to open my eyes.

“Sure,” I said, just give me a minute.

When I got to the kitchen and announced to the other girls that I would be making muffins, Wren protested. “You said we could have scones.”

This was true. They had requested scones on Easter morning, but the oven was already occupied by lamb. Of course, Adi was already committed to muffins. That’s how I found myself, mixing side by side with Wren this morning. I mixed up muffins, while she mixed up scones.

The muffins went into the oven first and as I checked to see if they were ready, the smoke from the oven hit me. Something had spilled in the oven the day before that would need to be cleaned out.

So, after the muffins and scones were cooling on top of the oven, I decided to use the “clean oven” feature to deal with the mess in the oven.

Adi and I sat at the stools around the island, reading classroom slices of life. That’s when something caught my eye across the kitchen.

Was that fire in the oven? It took a moment for my brain to process. I jumped up from my seat and grabbed the fire extinguisher that the previous home owner had so thoughtfully left behind. I had never used a fire extinguisher before. I suddenly questioned whether it was the right move.

I screamed for my husband, who was thankfully working from home and was just upstairs. “Fire,” I yelled. “Please come quickly. FIRE!”

As I yelled for him again, he assured me that he was coming, just as I heard his steps thundering down the stairs. He went to pull the oven quickly, realizing that it was locked. He fumbled with the buttons on the stove before yanking the oven open with all his might…well maybe not all of his might, but with enough force to bypass the lock. I stood behind him, still holding the fire extinguisher. I offered it to him, but he grabbed a glass of water instead.

He threw the water into the oven and I held my breath. What kind of fire was this? Would the water cause the fire to get worse? I stood ready, or semi ready, to use the extinguisher if necessary.

The flames extinguished just as the smoke detectors started to blare. That’s when I realized my daughters had vacated the house and were huddled cold and scared outside on the driveway. I opened all the doors in the house and ushered the girls back inside, reassuring them that everything was now safe.

“Now I know what I will write about for my Slice of Life,” Adi exclaimed.

“Me too,” I thought to myself.

If you want to read Wren and Adi’s perspective on this slice of life, you can read Wren’s post here and Adi’s post here.

6 thoughts on “Fire

  1. OY!!!! One, glad you are all okay. Two, glad the girls new to vacate. Three, glad Arnauld was home. Four, glad you said “please” when you were screaming for Arnauld! Hope it all wasn’t too bad and smoke smell is t too bad! New stove in order??


  2. A kitchen fire is so scary. Is your oven (range) gas or electric? I’m glad you are all okay and since you didn’t write about damage to the kitchen, I’m assuming only the oven suffered.


  3. Oh my goodness! This could have been my story. I was baking my ricotta pies on Friday evening and all of a sudden the two downstairs smoke detectors started blaring. My husband rushed to the oven while I stood on a chair to disengage the alarms! Thankfully there was no fire, but the bottom of my oven was a mess and causing the billowing smoke. I guess next time I will put a tray under the pie!

    Glad your husband was able to extinguish the fire. I am sorry your daughters were so scared.


  4. Wow! I’m glad you’re all okay. Somehow, these moments are more stressful than anything. We can deal with giant situations, but fire in the kitchen is overwhelming. The one time I had a fire in my kitchen, I was almost comically ridiculous, turning in circles first toward the fire then toward the blaring, yelling smoke detector that kept shouting “Fire! Fire!” (I will never have a talking smoke detector again!). Wow again. You both definitely got your slice!


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