The best.

This was the end of my long day.

It began at 4:52am when Rose pushed her way into our bed. “The wind is being noisy.”

Then awake, I heard the rain outside. Would this mess with traffic…probably.

I lingered in bed a few too many minutes reading slices. Even as I clicked on “just one more,” I knew I’d regret it later. That later came when my dad showed up to pick up the older girls and I was still coaching everyone to get their shoes on and to move a little faster while simultaneously trying to find a particular pair of ballet tights in a house with three ballerinas.

Finally on the road, preschooler in tow, Waze, informed me that the rain was indeed impacting traffic. As we neared the preschool drop off, my phone rang. It was my principal. “Sure. I’d love to teach kindergarten today,” I replied as I mentally recalculated the day.

Kindergarten turned out to be a blast. There is something to be said for spending six hours in the same room as a group of kids. There were moments I felt like I was at home with my kids…like when a near fist fight ensued over a particular dog shaped pattern block template or the kids begged for just one more Go Noodle. But at the end of the day, during our closing circle, many of them shared that I had been the best part of their day…not quite as many that boasted that indoor recess was superior.

After the kids were settled in their dismissal places, I finally made it to the bathroom. That’s where I began to think about the agenda for the next day… a staff developer day.

I try to bake for those days. It’s like hosting a party. All the grade levels cycle through during the day and everyone always appreciates a homemade treat! Again, I began to do mental gymnastics to try and figure out what I had ingredients for at home that I could bang out relatively quickly between after school pickups, walking dogs, unloading the dishwasher, getting some laundry in the wash, getting dinner on the table, and picking one kid up from dance (the reason for the particular tights earlier in the morning).

When I got back to my office to grab my things to head home, I glanced down at my phone to see a text from Dawn.

How did she know?!?

8 thoughts on “The best.

  1. I love to bake for a meeting. It does wrap a celebration in a big, I care about you hug. That Dawn, she’s a true partner!


  2. Dawn, Dawn, Dawn for the win! Also, seems like you totally went with the flow after finding out you were going to hang with the wee ones! You weave a symmetry into this Slice with visuals but more importantly with your words. Love the lead. 🙂


  3. I know you would have scrounged up some chocolate, butter, eggs, and flour, as well as time, but how great was that text! I love the appreciation that the two of you have for each other and how much it comes out in your posts.


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