Saturday morning, I must have mentioned the slice of life challenge because Arnauld said, “Oh yeah. I caught up on some of your slices the other night.”

I looked at him surprised. “You did?” I asked. He doesn’t usually read my pieces. I wasn’t even aware that he knew it was March and I’d been writing every day. “What did you think?” I asked as he isn’t always one to offer much unsolicited feedback.

He smiled. “You make our life seem…cute.”

“I write about the chaos,” I defended.

“Yeah,” he said. “But it still makes it feel kind of…cute.”

I laughed.

So here is a disclaimer: Our life isn’t perfect and often times, it isn’t cute. My slices are exactly that, tiny moments, usually pulled straight from the middle of some craziness. I promise, I’m not trying to deceive any of you.

15 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. Hahaha, this is a great moment to slice about! I often think about the deceptive image one might have if they only knew me from reading my slices. I love how you narrative the moment, then speak directly to your audience with the “disclaimer.”


  2. This is great, and true dialogue. I often wonder what kind of picture of my life I’m putting out to a relatively unique subset of humans with my slices, and honestly hold back a bit when I consider my audience too much. Sometimes makes for bland writing so I have to remind myself to go for the messiness. No disclaimer necessary, your slices give enough detail that has to be real life!


  3. Haha! I have also thought the same about my slices. I think I try to exude positivity instead of negativity, but there is a fine line between what I choose to leave out of slices or choose to not slice about. And yay for Arnould taking time to read your slices.


  4. Funny! I’ve thought about writing about the darker side at times….Maybe some day. Your family is pretty….cute…and cool and smart and sometimes challenging, but cute nonetheless. I think it’s great that Arnauld is reading your posts too. That’s….cute!


  5. My life seems a lot cuter in my slices than it is in reality–but I bet that’s true for many of us. This was a great moment to craft into a slice. The dialogue works so well–especially those pauses.


  6. That was a sweet way for him to respond! It shows that you are writing about the little things in the middle of all of the chaos! Those are the things to focus on! Love it!


  7. Well, it’s true, you may be writing and thinking chaos, but when the words hit the paper and are read, the chaos does take on a bit of cuteness. — I think it’s appreciation for what you have – as challenging as it can be, ya gotta appreciate family and life!

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  8. The people I am most aware of when I write slices are my family members who “may” read and sometimes, but rarely do. There’s a self-consciousness that exists for me, and your slice captures it. You write about the chaos in a more-than-cute way.

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