A few nights ago, I was in our basement, helping Rose clean up her toys. The interesting thing about Rose is that she always has an injury or ailment when it is time to clean up her messes…and she’s really good at the mess making. A little company often helps.

As we put dolls away and cleaned up plastic food items in the play kitchen, Rose asked “Did Wren [our nine year old] turn six before?”

I thought for a moment. What was going on in her four year old mind. After processing, I replied, “Yes. She’s been all the ages…1,2,3….”

Rose’s face lit up in amazement. “Wow! Someday she’s really going to be an old lady.”

I just laughed. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that someday we’d all be really old ladies…even her.

8 thoughts on “Wonders

  1. It’s funny the things that we take for granted that kids understand, like that we are all aging. We think time is a simple concept, like following a line, but little kids are so much more “in the moment” that things like past and future are ahas. I agree with Melanie that these writings will someday let your kids feel like they are traveling back in time…aging backward through your words. See, time isn’t a straight line. Someday Wren will be 4 again, younger than Rose, even.

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  2. What an awesome interaction you captured. Time is such an abstract concept for younger children and those yesterdays as well as the future are far from linear in their appearance.


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