I’m Sorry.

This morning, I dropped Rose off at preschool. As I left the busy high school parking lot, I noticed the person directing traffic was not the usual. Maybe the regular director had the day off. Maybe he had taken the day off to be with his Valentine, or to avoid the 14 degree weather!

The man’s arms waved and I smiled, lifted my hand in thanks and slowly rolled right, ready to make my way to my own school. A red car caught my eye, coming straight on and was beeping at me. “They must have ignored the traffic director’s signals,” I thought. As my eyes looked forward again, I caught the traffic directors eye. He was screaming…at me. I must have misinterpreted his signals.

I drove off, feeling terrible. I contemplated turning around to apologize but quickly talked myself out of that. I’m sure the traffic director deals with people like me all the time. He probably just thinks I’m a jerk, impatient and unwilling to follow the rules.

Today, I’m dealing with my feelings of guilt by writing this down. I’m sorry Mr. Traffic Director. I didn’t mean to be a jerk. Happy Valentines Day. I really do appreciate you.

10 thoughts on “I’m Sorry.

  1. We are all human and make mistakes! I’m sure the substitute traffic director either forgot about you in two minutes flat or you gave him some good material for casual conversation later that day! You did no major harm and, once again, we do all make mistakes — it’s all ok!! Great slice!

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  2. I love this. The confessional slice is just one more great reason to write. I do think there is something very healing about letting out a confession. I finally caught up to the current episode of Succession last night, and there was a much more difficult confession. I should also add that I was “that” guy last week, pulling out when it wasn’t my turn at a four-way, realizing it, and just mouthing an “I’m sorry” to the woman whose turn it should have been. Then realizing I had my mask on, so mouthing was kind of ridiculous.

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