I’m trying.

I’m trying to say no. It’s not that I like to say yes, but when I say yes, it’s usually because I really want to. But I’m realizing, for time’s sake, sometimes it would be better if I was more selective with my time.

I’ve been trying. I really have.

Recently, a former colleague who now teaches at the college level asked if I’d be interested in being a guest speaker for her class. It sounded really interesting. I love working with adults and I’m kind of always on the lookout for my next career move. Maybe this could be it. However, the thought of having to plan for this, an evening class after a Monday of my regular life, I kindly said no…”But maybe my friend Dawn might be interested.” After talking to Dawn, who was interested, I thought, “Maybe it would be fun to take this on together. I love working with Dawn.” So my no turned into a yes.

A few weeks ago, I had an opportunity to step down from a Board of Education Curriculum Committee that I sit on in the district where my kids go to school. “If you’re no longer interested, there is no need to take further action.” So, I did nothing. I let something go. I felt proud.

Today, I received an email reminder about the committee meeting tonight. I emailed and said, “I don’t think I’m on this committee anymore.” I got a quick response that said, “Oh you are. Are you not interested?” I tried to say no. I really did. “I’m happy to continue,” I replied.

I’m trying to say no…I really am.

6 thoughts on “I’m trying.

  1. Sometimes it’s too hard to say ‘NO”. If things don’t pan out your way may be they are following the God’s will. There will definitely be a next time when you will be able to say no and it will not only be understood but also accepted.


  2. This made me laugh! When you feel the draw you can’t resist. There’s nothing wrong with your “yes ways” – -you strive for more! Being more aware of your yeses is a step! You’ll know when to say no!


  3. This is very funny. I like the way that phone call made you lapse back into yes mode. I’ve been able to say several nos this year. It’s sometimes disappointing but other times very satisfying.


  4. Next Tuesday I’m going to share a piece from Catapult that, in part, deals with the idea of saying no. Be sure to check it out.

    Sometimes I think I’m too good at saying no. That’s another story! Maybe we have to each find a middle ground.

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