“Remember my first mask? It was a tie mask and it had a space design,” Adi reminisced tonight while helping with dinner.

It feels unreal to me that we will soon flip the calendar to 2022. Wasn’t it just 2020?

I remember seeing images of people in China in early 2020, quarantined and all masked. “That would never happen here,” I thought to myself.

I remember the first time my husband ventured to the grocery store, after we had been sent home from our lives, unsure of what happened next. I had purchased a few cloth masks from Etsy and had instructed him to wear it on his journey into the unknown.

When he came home, I remember asking him what it had been like. Were other people wearing masks too? Now, I’d feel naked without my mask. My smile and other emotions hidden away, only for those closest to me to see.

It had all seemed so foreign, yet, here we are, nearly two years later still navigating these strange and unusual times.

The calendar reminds me that time has passed. But, I feel stuck, spinning in circles.

4 thoughts on “Masked.

  1. I love your honesty here. I, too, feel like I’m spinning in circles. In fact, I thought we had evaded covid, but here we are ending the year positive: myself, my 2 year old, and 7 month old. 😦 Here’s to 2022..


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