Ode to our Sweet Little House

Today, we made the exhausting haul with 13 years worth of collections, to a new home. When we moved in, we had only a few gifted pieces of furniture and big dreams. Our daughter Wren has often referred to our home as “our sweet little house.” That’s exactly what it is…sweet.

Thank you for your shelter

Our sweet little house

Under your roof,

We grew up and multiplied

Packed your rooms with people

And bunkered down in solitude

We also packed your rooms with love

Love and gratitude

For the place we called home

May you bring just as much joy to your new family.

A dear friend captured our sweet little house in a painting we will always treasure.

12 thoughts on “Ode to our Sweet Little House

  1. This is so sweet! When my family sold our river home a couple of years ago. I wrote an ode to Sapelo and it was read at the closing (I wasn’t there, but I heard there was not a dry eye). Then, a couple months later, the new owners sent a photo – it was a picture of my ode, framed, on their wall. You never realize how powerful a poem can be or how much it can mean to others. This warms my heart that your home embraced you as you grew and then released you into a bigger world – so much like parents do!


  2. What a lovely painting – and a lovely goodbye to your sweet little house! Here’s to more memories in your new house and new memories for another family in your old house. And here’s to you writing even when you were moving!


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