I love watching you play.

“‘I love watching you play.’ That’s what you say to them after the game,” my friend Dawn told me after I recounted the joys of a weekend full of soccer games, bright and early Monday morning.

It is true. I love watching them play.

My daughters have all danced since they were two years old. Sometime this past summer, I wondered if I was pigeonholing them. What if they would really love something else? The pandemic has made activities a bit trickier in the past few years. Admittedly, we have been less than eager to branch out. Instead, we’ve stuck with what we know. But after chatting with other mom friends, I signed the girls up for soccer…on top of dancing.

Sometime before school started, as I began plotting activities on the calendar, I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. “Soccer might be the thing to sink this ship,” I thought to myself.

However, much to my surprise, soccer has brought our family so much joy! Wren and Adi jumped right in. After getting over the weird gear, cleats and shin guards, they have picked up on the basics, embraced their teammates, and are excited for practices and games.

We have also embraced all that comes with being soccer parents, including making friends with the other parents and spectators, cheering the kids on, and providing the ever important, after game snacks. It has been so fun to see the girls’ personalities come through on the field.Wren, a big thinker, carefully contemplates every move she makes on the field. We can often be heard trying to coax her to think a little faster from the sidelines. “Move up, Wren!” “Kick the ball!” “Run!”

Adi was timid for her first game. But after some solid advice, to just kick the ball, she has been on fire. Soccer has given her a taste of her competitive side. She is determined to make a goal and we go wild whenever she gets the ball and dribbles it down the field toward the goal. She has come really close a few times and made some really nice assists. We’re all rooting for her goal making dreams to come true.

Who knew that soccer would be so fun? I’m actually a little sad that the fall season is coming to an end. Because it is true…

I love watching you play.

6 thoughts on “I love watching you play.

  1. I love watching joy in our kids. Their growth, how they challenge themselves, it’s truly inspiring. While I must admit some rainy cold Saturday’s I was less than excited to watch soccer, but the mornings of family time, the friendship on the sidelines, they were missed for many years after soccer ran its course.


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