Missing You

On the surface not much has changed

Your gardening hat still sits on the table on the patio

Along with a box of beans waiting to be shelled.

Your flowers are blooming

a jar of your daisies sits on my counter

It whispers to me

Reminding me that things have changed.

Inside, the cough drop jar is half full

Just like always.

The photos line the mantle and fridge

and the familiar tablecloth invites us for a meal together.

We’re all here around your table

Keeping our promise to stay together

the only thing missing…

is you.

11 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. I love how you pick out all the small details to decribe this scene. The one that sticks with me is the cough drop jar half full. That phrase shows so much. Thanks for sharing such a thoughtful piece of writing. I am sorry for your loss which I now know through this piece of writing is great.

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  2. This packs a wallop…in a gentle way. Having all the reminders surrounding you, I know you probably expect her to be in a familiar spot or to be standing in a doorway. That book I mentioned in my entry today is all about people’s presence in our life even when they’re not physically present. You would love it and so would Wren I think.

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  3. What a heart-tugging poem. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m at my Dad’s right now, helping as he struggles with late-stage cancer. From time to time, there’s this odd sense of certain spotlighted moments or objects. You gather those up beautifully, the blooming flowers, the peas, etc. to paint a portrait of your loved one, to celebrate her and simultaneously to portray your aching loss. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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