Guest Post: By Wren

Hi, it’s Wren and I am so excited to be doing this post today!!! Today I will be writing a story I like to call “The Drive.”

It was a dark cloudy night in the summer of 2021. It was very humid out and I would like to say everyone was asleep in their beds but they were not. Everyone was wide awake.

” OK let’s get ready. I am tired.” My mom exclaimed in a tired voice.

” Yay!!!” I thought. We were going to North Carolina to see our 6 cousins for the first time in a year in a half. I was so excited to be going to see them. The only problem was that we were going to be driving 10 hours.

So by now we were downstairs. Dad was making coffee and so was mom. Our bags were loaded into the car.

” Go use the bathroom, I do not want to stop in a hour to pee.” Dad said followed by a yawn.

Everyone was tired except us, the kids. I was the first one to use the bathroom, followed by my sister Adi, and then Rose. Even my parents used the bathroom.

We all went outside to get in the car. I could feel the soft breeze across my face as I stepped into the car. All the bags were stuffed in the car. I barely had room to sit. But I got there.

I buckled up and found my blanket to keep warm. ” Here we go!” I thought.

Soon the car started to move, the street was so pretty at night because of all of the lights. The green light flickered on and we started driving, I was looking for all the different colors.

I found red, white, green, orange and a light from other cars. It was a rainbow of lights.

” Go to sleep!” I cold hear my dad’s anger in his voice. I could tell he wanted to talk alone with mom.

I put my buckle under my arm and got my pillow and rested my head. I tried to fall asleep but I could not get tired.

Eventually I fell asleep but was waken up about a hour and a half later. There was a big speed bump.

Then my sisters woke up. ” I’m hungry.” Adi cried.

Mom started giving dad directions to a Dunkin Donuts. It was actually an inn that had a Dunkin Donuts in it. Mom went in. We had told her what we wanted. Six chocolate frosted donuts. I could already taste them.

She came out 10 minutes later with a face on. Like she was nervous to tell us something. 😬

“The line wraps around the store about 3 times” Mom said finally. I was a little disappointed but I got it.

Soon we went to Panera Bread. I got a sandwich and my sisters got scones and stuff. I also had a scone. But the rest of the way we mostly watched TV. [ We have a TV in the car.]

Finally we got there!!! We saw our cousins, we were so happy to see them and they were exited too. We saw all 6 of them. Jaxson, Ace, Maverick, Prim, Stone, and the new baby, Pippin! All that was left was the 10 hour drive home!!!

10 thoughts on “Guest Post: By Wren

  1. I LOVE a guest writer…especially YOU! What a brilliant slice, Wren! The part where your Dad tells you to go sleep with anger was so vivid in my mind. The addition of your thought that they just wanted to talk also
    added depth to the scene! Fantastic ending with the excitement of finally seeing the cousins AND the humorous reference to the 10 hour trek back home! Thanks for sharing, Wren!


  2. ‘Pippin’ looks like Wren is a natural writer. I could relate to her car trip every step of the way!
    She will enjoy the April Writing Challenge for kids. I sponsored my grandson as a homeschooler one year since his class wasn’t participating.

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  3. I adore the hints of sarcasm in your voice, Wren. For instance, when you wrote “I would like to say everyone was asleep in their beds but they were not” and “Even my parents used the bathroom.” Your voice comes alive in this story about your trip to North Carolina. Even though I don’t know you personally, I can get a sense for how you speak by the way you write. Keep up the incredible writing!


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