My family is in the process of buying a new house. The idea of packing up and moving all of our belongings and memories to a new home a mile away feels really daunting and a little sad. In the past weeks, I’ve busied myself with cleaning, donating, and selling. This past weekend, I listed two items on Facebook to try and get rid of. One was a couch from our basement, the other a large plastic playhouse from our yard. On Saturday morning, I announced to my husband, Arnauld, that someone was coming to pick up the couch. He went down to the basement to clear a space to get the couch out. However, when they people arrived to pick up the couch, I smacked my head. They arrived in a too small crossover vehicle. Hadn’t they read my post…the couch was 85 inches long!

My husband took the men down to the basement so they could see for themselves that their vehicle wasn’t going to cut it. We never heard from them again.

Tonight, we waited for another buyer to come and pick up the play house. When I saw an unfamiliar sedan drive past our house, I said to my husband, “I hope that isn’t Grace coming to get that big old house.”

Sure enough, a few moments later, Grace had turned around and pulled up in front of our house. As she got out of her car and examined the playhouse I had dragged from the backyard to the front yard, she said, “Wow. That’s big.”

I smiled. We weren’t having much luck with people’s visual spacial skills.

My husband said to Grace, “I don’t think that’s going to fit in your car.”

But Grace was determined. Her granddaughter was really excited about the house.

We tried but ultimately, it was clear that the car was not going to cut it.

I looked at my husband and then to my car. “Where do you live Grace?” I asked. When she announced that she lived in the next town over, I said, “I can put some of the pieces in my car and drive them over.”

Grace was ecstatic. As she went to close her car doors, I stole a quiet moment with Arnauld. “Sorry,” I said. “She seems really nice.” He didn’t respond but I knew he would help.

We worked together for the next for minutes, removing carseats and moving the pieces around like a puzzle. All of the pieces wouldn’t fit in my car either. Grace looked defeated. Until…Arnauld offered to deliver the house’s roof to her another day.

Grace looked surprised and grateful.

As I went inside to grab my keys and wallet to drive to Grace’s home to deliver the house, Arnauld simultaneously was gathering his own belongings. “I’ll go,” he said.

The world is full of good people. My husband is one of them. The world is also full of opportunities for us to step up to be good people. Tonight felt like one of those moments. Hopefully, we made some little girls happy and made it possible for a Grandmother to do something sweet for them. The added bonus is one more item checked off my list to get rid of…

15 thoughts on “Opportunities.

  1. What an absolute sweet slice! This is how we give energy to the world and it comes back to us! You are a living example of this and Arnauld knows it — I can just see him acknowledging your decision to transport the pieces to her home! What a team you two are! There’s one happy Grandma and grandchild! 🙂

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  2. I love the internal thinking you add toward the beginning: “Hadn’t they read my post?” Such a great bit-by-bit story with a lovely message at the end. Shouldn’t we all search for those opportunities we have to step up and be good people? Thank you for this!

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  3. I’m so glad someone’s going to get a new house…and not just you. I saw a dismantled playhouse in someone’s garbage pile yesterday when I was walking Farley. It made me sad…like someone’s childhood fading. I like the idea that your girls’ house is going to live on. The opposite of sad. Cheers to you and Arnauld!


  4. I enjoyed the moments you shared as well as the humor you found in these moments that could have turned into something really frustrating and negative! I am glad you saw them for what they were and shared that with us!

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  5. Oh, Jess. “The world is also full of opportunities for us to step up to be good people.” Yes! And this piece works well from the title – is moving an opportunity? – to the ending. I love how apologize to Arnauld but you don’t tell us his response. For a minute, I thought he would be frustrated with you, but no, he, too, was looking for goodness. And honestly, this post made me think of *your* grandmother, who took such delight in you and your children. May we all receive such love.

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  6. I am certain that with your magnetism to joy, you are always the person to step up to goodness. I want to step up to goodness in these trying times, boosting my empathy and giving people more grace and space. You know you changed that woman’s belief in the world and likely her willingness to go further for others as well. I feel the ripple from here.


  7. You had me at marigold. What an uplifting slice, and you certainly are a marigold! I could feel how happy and relieved you made Grace feel. The world needs more people like you and Arnauld. Your slice also resonated with me because we moved last summer and I am very familiar with Facebook marketplace and trying to clear out before moving. Good luck with gearing up to move!


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