Busy Bees

The other day, as I did my daily check on our backyard garden, I noticed a bumble bee nestled in a cucumber flower, resting and still. As my eyes wandered further, another still bee, this one on a stick our cucumbers have been busy climbing. A final lazy bee caught my eye nearby, on the wall of our patio, maybe sunbathing?

This summer, we’ve been noticing the return of the buzzing bees, gathering around the lavender that surrounds our patio, quietly and dutifully flying from one blossom to another. We’ve spent quiet moments, watching and noticing the bees with nectar collected on their back legs…these are the females we’ve learned. The contrast of the quiet and still bees and the busy ones has been on my mind.

As I sat down to think more about the bees tonight, I invited my oldest daughter, Wren, to write with me. She wrote two poems:

Poem 1

WhenI see the first picture of the bee,

The first thing that I see,

Is my family’s zucchini.

The yellow flowers, as bright as the sun.

The bee settles down and stops the fun.

It crawls in the flower and opens it’s mouth.

It eats the pollen and buzzes south.

Poem 2

When I see the second picture of the bee,

The first thing that I see

Is a broken tree.

All that’s left,

Is a little stump,

One so small it can’t fit your rump!

It is very sad for that little stump,

The top is curved like a camel’s hump.

But here comes the bee,

to save the tree.

It scares away the chopper that is very vicious.

Hooray for the bee, now it looks for pollen….


And, now…if you have made it this far into this random world our bees have led us to, I leave you with this, more words that have me thinking lately:

14 thoughts on “Busy Bees

  1. Ah the energy of observation and wonder is alive! It’s in noticing that we gain perspective and learn! I love how you and Wren embraced this together to slice this week! There is extraordinary in every day – just look, listen and feel – it’s there — the quote is spot on!


  2. Bravo Wren! I love both poems. I pictured all your girls and you watching these glorious bees and the image makes me smile. We’ve been eating our zucchini blossoms this year (filled with ricotta and mint, breaded and fried – yum!) and I’m always careful to make sure there’s no insects inside!

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    1. This made me so happy. I didn’t know other people are the zucchini flowers. My grandma taught us how to make pancakes with ours…but you do have to watch for bugs. The girls are filling their summer reading lists. We’re almost ready to come in for a visit!!!


  3. This had me smiling throughout and feeling the deep appreciation for the slow observant life. This is beautiful and meaningful in ways that both are there and not there at the same time. Wren’s poem, her very name suggests a deep connection to nature which you ensured. In your writing, the cucumber is “busy” even though it might not be visible to the eye, just as the observer is busy spending “quiet moments”. Such a beautiful moment in this slice.


  4. Jess, that last bit was *just* what I needed today. Thank you. Also, I love the bee photos & poems. Somehow the bumblebees are fascinating for me, too. Please tell Wren that I love her poems, and that I especially loved how she rhymed stump with rump – it made me giggle.


  5. Such wonderful poems and observations. Just this past weekend, after my five year old grandson was screaming about a bee, I made him watch the bees movement in and out of the petunia. We were both fascinated and hopefully I have him a sense of appreciation for their work and rid him of some of the fears of the stinging creature! I’ll have to share these poems too! Thank you


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