Thanks Mom.

Two days in a row by the pool and two days Rose sat comfortably planted on the stairs. She was content to splash, play, and sing all while sitting on the top step. I knew I had to get in with her and get her out of her comfort zone.

So, on day three, as I watched her on the steps, watching her sisters and cousins in the pool, I decided that would be the day. “Rose! Come swim with me!” I said as I came to sit by her on the step.

“Not today,” she replied suddenly really busy with the shark toy that had been floating nearby.

“Let’s go,” I said scooping her up and plunging both our bodies into the pool. Rose immediately gripped my neck with her arms and my waist with her legs. She cried into my ear, “Put me down. Take me back to the steps. I need a break.”

I assured her she was safe. “I’d never let anything g happen to you. You’re ok.” She continued to stay firmly attached.

Finally after a few laps around the shallow end, I convinced Rose to try and stand up and see if her feet could reach the ground. I could tell she was nervous as she slowly unwrapped her legs.

Then, triumph. Her proud face stayed above the water, a grin plastered from ear to ear. She quickly grabbed onto the edge of the pool and began to walk the width of the pool. She continued this “swimming” for the next few hours.

Eventually, I got out of the pool, but kept my eyes firmly planted on Rose’s bobbing head.

At one point, she used her arms to pull herself up over the edge of the pool. “Thanks for teaching me to swim today, Mommy.”

Big things are happening this summer.

7 thoughts on “Thanks Mom.

  1. Then, triumph. Perfectly placed line. Amazing how two words change the tone of the piece and set us right up for the delish, proud face at the end! GO ROSE!!


  2. I love the way this piece unfolds. You masterfully control the tone from the repetition at the beginning to the triumph in the middle and the looking forward at the end. Here’s to a summer in the pool!


  3. I love that smile hiding behind her hand. I love the time and space you gave her, and then when the time was right, you conquered the fear with her providing her love and safety along the way. A process that will be followed with many things in the future as she grows up.


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