Sweet Relief

“Mom, remember yesterday when I had to go pee?” Adi asks as she stands on a stool, stirring chocolate glaze for the donuts that are baking in the oven, a big smile spreading over her face.

How could I forget…

Suddenly, I’m back in the car. We had decided to go along for an errand, to get out of the house. Along the way, the girls were thirsty, so after realizing we forgot their water bottles at home, we stopped and got them each a water. They sat guzzling in the backseat and I vaguely remember thinking that we’d probably regret the water, but I didn’t let myself stick with that thought for very long.

We decided to stop for ice cream. It was a beautiful spring day and we hadn’t had a spontaneous ice cream adventure in over a year. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream shop, Adi screamed out that she had to go to the bathroom. “Why don’t you come in with me,”I said. “We will check for a bathroom.”

We waited in line before entering the shop. Adi shifted from one leg to the other. As soon as we got inside, I looked around the shop, looking for a restroom. Of course, there wasn’t one. I broke the news to Adi and in her eyes I saw panic. “We’re really close to home,” I reassured her. “We will be home in just a minute,” I lied.

As soon as we got back to the car, I instructed Arnauld to drive! I passed out ice cream to the other girls, who dug in immediately. Adi declined her ice cream cup and demanded to know how many minutes it would take to get home. We were just one town over. We’d likely be home in less than ten minutes. “Three minutes,” I replied.

“Three minutes!!!” she screamed. The rest of the ride was pretty intense.

As soon as we pulled onto our road, Adi screamed, “Unlock the door!”

I pushed the button to open the garage and instructed her to unbuckle. As soon as the car was safely parked in the driveway, Adi flew from the car, running with her arms flying overhead like a crazy cartoon character, towards the house.

The rest of us sat, finishing up our ice cream in peace. I turned to Arnauld and said, “Maybe we should invest in one of the lug a loos Tracey has been raving about!”

Back in the kitchen, I looked back at Adi. “Yes, I remember when you had to pee yesterday.”

“I was so happy when I finally went pee,” she said.

“That feeling is sweet relief,” I told her.

11 thoughts on “Sweet Relief

  1. You’ve captured this moment perfectly! I can picture the scene of her running into the house just the way you described it. I’m SO glad your story didn’t have a different ending!


  2. This is hysterical == I love that she reflected on the moment while she’s making donut glaze! I wonder what was in that little mind in that moment when she remembered. You took us back to the moment with such description. The image of Adi running in leaving you all enjoying ice cream is brilliantly clear! I wonder if she’ll write her version of “The Time I Had to Pee”


  3. The arms flying overhead like a cartoon character! This story had me on the edge of my seat. You really captured the urgency so well. I really like the way you led into it and wrapped it up with the word “remember.” Adi will be so glad when you share it with her boyfriend when she’s 16.


  4. Arms flying over her head – hahahaha! I’m really glad she made it and – oh! – the feeling of relief, but also the memory of the drama that comes with kids who have to pee. And then her smile as she remembers. Oh man, I am smiling from reading this, from remembering my own crazy kids. What a great slice!


  5. The arms! The arms! I laughed out loud. And also that whole thing kids do where they’re like “do you remember the time when…” and it was this morning. 😉


  6. Oh have we all been there with our children. I love how she runs into the house, arms flying. I can picture it all: the foot shifting and the “Three minutes!” and the sweet relief.


  7. Lol. Your kid having to pee when you’re out is the worst! I can feel the stress. Yes, buy a Luggable Loo. You won’t regret it!


  8. This is so fun and will remind many of us of similar moments with kids. You’ve captured it well and all Adi’s drama and expressions as they get more intense and then you sit and eat ice cream while she shoots off!


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