Day 24

I stop by your room. Your chair is pushed in and your desk is computer free, I know I have missed you for the day. I head back to the hallway, back towards my own room. I see your silhouette all the way down the mile long hall, your familiar gait and bags draped over your arms.

I walk halfway down the hall and remember that dismissal has already happened-these classrooms are kid free. “Bye Dawn,” I yell, pushing my voice through two masks and the empty hallway.

I didn’t expect you to turn around and come back towards me. “I’m in no rush,” you tell me.

We meet halfway. We debrief again about the part of the day that has passed since our last debrief. I tell you of my 104 takes trying to record a video for the staff. Of course, you offer me wise advice, “Give it a fresh go tomorrow.”

We say goodbye, knowing we will meet again in the morning. We will debrief and share plans for the day.

Just before you reach the exit, you turn back around and call, “I have no slice. I have nothing.”

“Same here,” I call back.

“It’s day 23. We’ve done well,” you say…

and I know, that I have found my slice.

Thank goodness for writing partners.

12 thoughts on “Day 24

  1. I love that moment when you know your slice just happened. This line speaks to our time:

    “Bye Dawn,” I yell, pushing my voice through two masks and the empty hallway.

    Woohoo for day 24. We can do it!


  2. It is getting to be more than a challenge…more like a struggle right now. My family is getting a bit weary of me coming home and saying, “What should I write about today.” This, though, is the kind of alchemy that struggles sometimes produce. You turned it into the actual story by focusing on the need for a supporter.


  3. Having my person down the hallway is something I miss so much about not being at a school site anymore, not being in schools in general. Your slice showed the importance of these partners in just a few words.


  4. Can I be a writing partner too! What a force for good you have all become in the world. I love the first part and how I did not know who you were looking for. But, I felt worried for you and then relief when you found your person.

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