Mimi, Mimi, Mimi.

This is the name my kids and my sister’s kids call my mom.

This is also the name that all the kids in her daycare call her now.

Mimi is the name I hear whenever my own kids are upset or get hurt,

“I want Mimi.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about my mom before she was Mimi:

I think of her every time I’m picking up the endless scatter or toys and bits of paper…and random socks

Suggesting things to do when kids get bored

When I’m at an odd angel and notice the dust in the corner or under a piece of furniture

Folding the always multiplying mountain of laundry

Responding to ungrateful requests

Giving time I don’t have

Packing lunches

Cheering people up

Listening to complaints about meals

Tucking in, over and over again

Thinking about all of the places everyone needs to be…with all of their stuff.

These are all of the things that I know I took for granted growing up.

I never realized all of the work that went into trying to keep up with us kids while we were growing up…

I realize it now. Hopefully not too late.

I see you Mom.

I’m grateful for you.

Happy Birthday to my giving, loving, and strong mom.

I love you.

14 thoughts on “Mimi

  1. We truly appreciate our mothers when we are mothers, especially when we are in the thick of it! Your mother is a hero, you are a hero! Two strong, kind Moms!!! Happy Birthday, Mimi!


  2. What a beautiful post! I’m also blessed with a wonderful, always giving mom and I definitely have a new appreciation for her as I’ve embraced motherhood. Hope she has a wonderful birthday!


  3. Happy birthday Mimi! I’m not sure any kids see/know/understand what moms do, but it gets internalized until it’s their turn. Love Julieanne’s point– Loving moms teach love.


  4. My mom, also Mimi, celebrated her birthday on Sunday. I agree with so much that is taken for granted. But then that is just a part of being a child in your own self absorbed world, not realizing until later that your parents were not there only to serve you, but to provide a model.
    I especially love the part about random socks! Always, always there seem to be random socks – great to give them a playful purpose.


  5. I love your Mimi! Keep telling her until she knows with all of her heart what she has meant to the making of you. I love the specificity of the details in the list. What we do again and again is who we are. Behind each list item is what you value- is what you have learned to value because of your mom.

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