Sophie’s Angel

Every year, a highlight of the holiday season is decorating our Christmas tree. I love the stories that emerge as we share and remember stories of each ornament that we hang on the tree. There is the ornament my preschool teacher embroidered with a green J, the wreath I decorated with dried beans as a child, the initials that hung on the first tree my husband surprised me with, the year we bought our first home, and the stars marking the year of each of my daughter’s first Christmases.

Then, there is Sophie’s angel, my favorite ornament on the tree. It was gifted to me ten years ago now, by Sophie, my then first grade student. I remember when she gave it to me, the proud look on her face as I carefully unwrapped the treasure. A Styrofoam ball with a beautiful face created with marker, a fine lace gown, all topped off with the most fantastic baby pink hair. Every year, as I hang this ornament in a prominent place on the Christmas tree, I remember the beauty in giving and receiving. These small treasures hold so much meaning, sweet reminders of our stories and the people that have touched our lives.

6 thoughts on “Sophie’s Angel

  1. Homemade ornaments are my favorite. Growing up, we topped the tree with a wooden star with a Christmas card cutout of Mary & Joseph and dotted with that sparkling sprinkle stuff. My dad made it in my parents’ first year of marriage, when that was all they could afford. Sometime after I graduated college, it was replaced by a store-bought angel. She was beautiful, but that star shone brighter for me.


  2. The sweetness of handmade ornaments with stories is priceless. More valuable than fancy decorated trees that follow modern trends. Thank you for your story and photo.


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