Gratitude for teachers

Tonight a friend texted and asked how my kids were doing. “Are they still in school?” she asked.

“Yes!” I responded. “Every day they make it is a good day!”

This is the truth. Going back to school in September has made a huge difference for our kids and our family. When school shut down in March, our kids accessed as much of distance learning that was offered, but it wasn’t the same as physically going to school. Even now, they only get two go to school twice a week. Those two days are their best days and our best evenings after school.

Going to school matters. Teachers matter.

I’m sure my kids’ teachers are tired of hearing me say this, but I feel like I can’t say it enough. As a parent, I just want my kids to be happy and they’re so happy when they get to go to school…something we no longer take for granted.

I know the mental drain that comes with walking into a school every day and the mental load that comes with walking out each day…lugging bags heavy with books and materials-just in case you can’t come back tomorrow. The burden of worrying about the kids in front of you in the classroom, the kids who are home, and the kids who aren’t really present in either realm.

I know that teachers everywhere are recreating the wheel, trying to make this crazy situation the best it can be for all kids. I see the demands that the public is putting on schools. Political figures promising that we can be all of the things for all of the kids, however they decide to do school this year. The resources are limited and the expectations high.

Yet, teachers keep showing up. They smile with their eyes and make our kids feel like there is no where else they’d rather be. Despite all of the grownup worries, kids are wearing their masks, washing their hands, and staying six feet away their friends…our kids have embraced it all for the opportunity to go to school. To be with their teachers and their classmates. To learn and grow in the company of others.

So, to teachers everywhere, across this globe, no matter what your school looks like this year, I hope you know that you matter. You matter to kids and you matter to their families. Thank you for showing up for this monumental job that you definitely didn’t sign up for.

I see you. I am grateful for you.

6 thoughts on “Gratitude for teachers

  1. Amen! Kids and teachers belong together! Yes, hats off to every teacher out there doing their best with cards that they have been dealt. You are one of them that shows up every day, doing a job that you did not sign up for yet you strive every day to make it the best it can be for the kids in your care. Those children, and their parents, are seen and know they matter because of you, Thanks for writing this and celebrating teachers every where!

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