Negative Space.

I love the winter trees. The silhouette of the bare branches against the early morning winter sky always seem like an invitation to sketch and paint. These images bring me back to drawing classes in college, ladders and various props set up for us to explore, the negative space they created.

I remember last Spring, just as the world shutdown for round one of Covid-19, how my calendar seemed to be replaced by the trees. Passage of time told by budding trees and ultimately the full burst of green foliage that replaced the bare winter branches…filling the crisp spring sky. At that time, the buds and leaves gave me life and hope in times filled with so much anxiety and uncertainty. Finally escaping the confines of our home, our entire family working within the walls of our tiny house, the fresh air and green of spring beckoned us outdoors, letting us forget all of the new constraints-if only for a little while.

Last week, as our inboxes were once again flooded with news of another positive covid case, another group of students quarantining, another school shutting down…I returned home ready to shed the stress of the week. As I pulled into the driveway, my eyes went to the trees in our backyard. They had finally shed the last of the bright yellow leaves that didn’t want to let go. The beautiful bare branches stretched out against the already darkening sky.

My mind was left wondering, what will those bare branches bring? What will life bring in the time between bare and full again?

9 thoughts on “Negative Space.

  1. I used to feel sad when the leaves fell off thinking of the drab season ahead. But now I love the new light, how new things become visible like the incredible falcon perched high above our house yesterday. What a beauty! I love your sketch and always, your words!

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  2. I LOVE this slice so much! The water color at the end screams hope. You’ve captured the moment of the last leaf letting go. But we know, when the last leaf falls, the tree rests, waiting to burst again. We know, we believe, that the tree will bloom again…believe and know!

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  3. I sat in silence, almost meditative, after reading this post. This is so powerful and beautifully crafted. Nature has called to me these past 8 months. I need to be outside for as many hours as I can every day. Maybe it is about the passage of time, marking our journey, seeing that life continues and that some things are predicable. Nature has brought me comfort. This piece is one I will return to again and again. Thank you.

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  4. I’m already looking forward to spring (which I never say since I have terrible seasonal allergies) and for the renewed life that time of year will bring. It’s my hope we’ll have a vaccine by then so our lives will be better than they are right now. So many are suffering…


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