Post It Slices

Tonight, Rose and I sat in the eye doctor’s new waiting room (my car) for longer than we expected. I went through my mental to-do list, was there anything I could knock off the list while here in the car? Maybe I could get my Slice of Life done. Rose sat doodling away in the backseat, so I rummaged through my lunchbox where I knew I had a pad of purple post-its. Next, I pulled out my pencil bag from my school bag, where I hoped I would find a black flair pen…I did.

Here are four post-it slices, collected from this past weekend.

Adi and her amazing estimating skills…she may be a few thousand off.
As the leaves fell around Rose, she declared, “it’s raining.”
Our garage is currently too messy to fit my car inside, so I’ve been parking under a tree in our front yard. Each morning, the leaves that have collected overnight scatter as I drive away…it feels like a celebration full of confetti.
All weekend, my husband kept commenting on the wet weather and how that made it harder to clean up the leaves. Towards the end of the day Sunday, he picked up a handful of leaves and said, “They’re still damp.” I don’t think he felt like dealing with the 20 leaves this weekend…

14 thoughts on “Post It Slices

  1. LOVE the post it sketches! Arnauld’s is the perfect ending! And, I agree, wet leaves are not ready to be cleaned up! I think Adi should fill a bucket with 20 leaves just to see how many twenty really is. πŸ˜‰


  2. Look at you, just getting it all done! I love the vision of the leaves as confetti, celebrating the fact that you got out the door. I feel like I need that pretty much every morning!


  3. So, this is another slice that makes me envious. The spirit of using each moment, using each post-it, and seeing each leaf as something to celebrate is admirable and creative. I spent a good amount of time with my damp leaves this weekend. 25 very heavy leaf bags later, the confetti was still taunting me. Oh well, less to do next weekend.


  4. Cute idea. Makes the writing of slices less daunting. PS- As frugal as I can be about somethings, paying someone to do leaves is very satisfying!


  5. Post-its are wonderful. What a creative way to use them for gathering ideas for writing.
    More than twenty leaves are raining here too. πŸ™‚


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