Back to school

Nearly six months at home, at home like never before. In just two days, we’re scheduled to head back to school, for seven days of professional development and preparations for welcoming back students…I want to welcome back students.

I’m already tired. Mostly mentally. I haven’t shut off my working mind all summer. I’ve worked more hours, on the books, since I last taught summer school, 8 years ago. When I wasn’t on the books, I have been reading, researching, and imagining. How can we make this work…for the kids?

All of those hours and all of that work and I’m no more prepared than I was in June. I know I am not alone. I hope people know that we are all doing our best to figure this out. There are so many questions, possibilities…variables. What will my work look like? What will our work look like? How will the kids react? What will the kids need?

Plans are changing by the millisecond it seems. I’m waiting for the moment that the kids arrive. Once they are there, I feel like our instincts will kick in. We will know what is right…or right in this moment.

That is my hope. That we keep our eyes on the kids.

10 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. I have to believe in these lines:
    I’m waiting for the moment that the kids arrive. Once they are there, I feel like our instincts will kick in. Your lines made me think how, as a new mom who did not grow up babysitting and actually had NEVER changed a diaper before, somehow figured out what to do when the baby arrived. I have 28 years of teaching experience in me. Surely some institive actions WILL kick in and it WILL be alright. This quote inspired me: Mr. Rogers was one of the greatest teachers of all time. And he did it all virtually.
    Know you are not alone in your worry. This WILL be a year like no other. Good luck this week with PD and with your school year.

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  2. We are back in the buildings with a tentative date for the kids to return to class in November. Things change for us daily as well. At first it was we were required to be in the building 100%, then 50% then only 50% if it is COVID related….we are teaching 4 days a week with PD the 5th. We will see what happens on Day 2!


  3. You express it so well with your short piece. The preparation that doesn’t prepare. The changes that keep coming. I also hope and trust our instincts will kick in. I really like Sally’s reminder above about Mr. Rogers! I also like what my principal said- she wants us to rely on already prepped videos (which many of us are loathe to do) so that we can use our time and energy to focus on the kids, and being with them virtually. I do think we will all feel better once we are in it, not anticipating.
    Great ending to a spot-on piece.


  4. This so closely matches my feelings. My work wasn’t “on the books,” but I felt like I spent the summer trying to prepare, but not knowing really how to prepare. Now it’s time for the instincts to help us the way they did in the spring…because our opening will be nothing like the spring. Rookies again!!


  5. I think (hope) you are right. Once we see the kids (whether in person, online or some combination), we will know what to do. It’s all this unknown that is causing so much anxiety. We have spent all summer preparing for something we really don’t understand, and every time we think we are somewhat prepared, things changed! Here’s to a year like no other. We can and will make it magical….for the kids!

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  6. We can do this. Sometimes the anticipation of and event is worse than the actual event. Right now, with all that is being done, changed, said, not done – it’s all feeding that anticipation. We have to rely on what we know about kids, trust each other and learn. I believe in you and I believe in our school community. We can do this…together! I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but we can do this!


  7. I too am anxious to see the kids. I also felt my instincts kick in a bit when I saw the staff! I hope you had a good start to the year!


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