Pandemic Partner

Friday is our wedding anniversary…our tenth. It’s a day that is often overshadowed by our oldest daughter’s birthday, which falls the day before. This year, as this milestone approaches, I’m counting my blessings and thanking the worldwide pandemic for giving me a life partner.

Don’t get me wrong, Arnauld has been my partner in many aspects of life prior to the pandemic. However, our roles in life seemed to just happen. He has always just worked long hours and I’ve always picked up the pieces at home. Prior to March 2020, I usually fell asleep with our kids before Arnauld even got home from work. Forget family dinners or adult conversation after the kids were asleep…

All of that changed when we were forced to stay at home due to COVID-19. We’ve hardly been apart for almost five months and our lives have changed in many ways, for the better. Arnauld took on the grocery shopping, braving the stores when I was too scared to go. He has taken on dinner, prepping in between work so that we can sit down as a family at the end of each day. Bedtime is still a challenge, but it’s now a joint effort. We chat throughout the day and as we clean up after dinner each night. He’s heard my frustrations and struggles with distance learning and I have a new appreciation for his work after overhearing countless phone calls and meetings.

Today was a perfect snapshot that captures my appreciation for my pandemic partner. After losing power for 76 hours last week, I threw in our first load of laundry once the power finally came back on. No sooner had the machine gotten started, I heard an unusual splash of water. Fast forward to today, we awaited the plumber to investigate our main line. I was happy to have Arnauld home to handle that situation. As he stood in the basement, discussing options, I yelled down, “I’m taking the girls to the beach!”

In about two weeks, I’m scheduled to reenter the world and head back to school. Never would I have imagined that Arnauld would become the reliable home figure, responsible for most of the pickups and drop-offs as he continues to work from home. But I’ll take it. There have been a lot of obstacles, struggles, and worries these past few months. But, there have also been many surprising realizations and blessings, my pandemic partner being one of them.

11 thoughts on “Pandemic Partner

  1. I do think that we have learned so much as a result of the situations this pandemic has created. You are lucky to have such a great partner in life. It will be interesting to see how things go in this next stage of the journey.
    This is a nice anniversary gift. Congrats to both of you!


  2. What beautiful tribute to not only Arnauld but your marriage. This slice captures the love and work and constantly evolving wonder of marriage. Happy Happy 10th Anniversary!❤️


  3. I love the title “Pandemic Partner.” It says everything about your post. Beautiful. It is a sweet testimony of hope that you are able identify “many surprising realizations and blessings” amidst the difficult times. Brava! And happy, happy anniversary to you and Arnauld.


  4. Beautiful slice. You have a strong relationship. You have grown closer during the pandemic and obviously your appreciation for each other has grown too. Happy Anniversary!


  5. What a wonderful post. You talk about your partnership beautifully, acknowledging what each of you is able to do or not do in a way that highlights how you accept one another. No wonder you are partners 🙂 Happy Anniversary!


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