Squirrel Chronicles

As we await news on the upcoming school year, we turn to nature once again for distraction, calm, and entertainment. In the last week, the squirrels have been making big news in our neck of the woods. I captured some of their antics in another attempt at some graphic novel work… my second featuring squirrels.

My mom, grandma, and mother in law have been annoyed with the sneaky ways of the squirrels raiding their gardens. They have all rigged various contraptions and implemented many Googled strategies in at attempt to deter them. They’ve placed bowls of water close to the garden thinking that maybe the squirrels are thirsty. My mom has built a shield around her plants with paper bags. They’ve all placed forks around the garden, a makeshift barbwire fence.

One day this week, I took the girls on a walk…a reoccurring strategy I use to quiet everyone down, kill some time, and at times, tire them out. Sometimes, we just need get away from home. On this particular day, Wren was scootering ahead of me as I pushed Adi and Rose in the double stroller. As I approached a tree, I heard a rustling, just as Wren rolled by. I stopped in my tracks, expecting maybe a bird to be falling through the leaves. We were all surprised to see a squirrel land on his back, right there on the sidewalk. As we stood frozen, the squirrel got to his feet and fled for a nearby tree. We were all left thankful that the squirrel didn’t land on us!

So, while the squirrels are terrorizing all of our gardening family members, we’ve found joy watching a pair of squirrels playing in our yard. They seem to be enjoying our swing set, using it to launch themselves into a tree. They’ve also explored our new telescope and used the swing set to take a rest after all of their playing.

13 thoughts on “Squirrel Chronicles

  1. These are hysterical! Your brain thinks in graphic novels…I have, thanks to you, played around with them in my mind and bit in my journal, I’ve yet to land (no pun intended to the squirrels) on one that I think works! The narrative you provide in between the pages of the novel sets it up beautifully! I love it! I will now hear the squirrels in my neighborhood talking! Thanks for the continued inspiration!

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  2. This is great. The squirrel landing on his back is a bit of a concern, though. I had been informed that that rarely happens to squirrels owing to their almost supernatural abilities to locate themselves in space. I love the squirrel with the fork. These guys remind me of Ulysses, from Flora and Ulysses. My father hated the squirrels who raided his bird feeders, so of course I gave him a squirrel stuffed animal for his birthday one year. Forty years later, I think he still has it on his bookshelf.
    I’m assuming you’ve seen this video, but if not, please enjoy: https://youtu.be/hFZFjoX2cGg

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    1. I’ve actually never read Flora and Ulysses. I’ll add it to the list. Your dad may enjoy this picture book, a second grade favorite: Those Darn Squirrels. We actually saw a squirrel on our morning walk doing a similar hind leg hang, seen in this video. We laughed. Gotta give them credit for their persistence and creative efforts!

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  3. I love how you’ve captured these squirrel antics with your bold venture into graphic novel work. Impressive! Squirrels are endlessly entertaining on their own, but when teamed up with you–wow!


  4. so much to comment on… my mind is spinning with ideas for graphic novels. I always wish for drawing ability, but my deer struggle would make for a great narrative. This reminds me of Those Darn Squirrels which you could use as a mentor text for revision when you use this with kiddos. Also remember that Kate DiCamillo book with the squirrel? Flora and Ulysses? Such great writing. You’re on a roll this summer. So much fodder for the next school year! Can’t wait to read your contribution to our shared blog! xxoo

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    1. I’m a little nervous about the blog. I have a draft going… it’s hard to think ahead for future months. Do you have a system? You should try a graphic novel. It was fun to settle in last night and draw!

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      1. I did have a plan for last year mostly coordinated with coaching work I knew I’d take on. Do not have a plan yet for this year. I’ll read through the posts nearing my day and then pick something I love to write about. My day is usually the 19th, but switched for 15th this month. You will be grand.

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  5. I had to check this out after you said you wrote about squirrels! Another mentor text created. It reminded me of Those Darn Squirrels!


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