A Thank You Letter

On Thursday, I met with Dawn and Peter for our weekly Notebook Challenge planning session. We have met weekly for more than ten weeks now. It started back in March, at the tail end of the March Slice of Life Challenge. We wanted to figure out what the Slice of Life Challenge could look like in a distance learning environment. This was where the Tuesday Notebook Challenge was born. When we met this past Thursday, we recorded our last week of invitations together, similar to the way we launched the challenge. One of our invitations for the last week of school included making a list of gratitudes and then choosing one person or thing to write a letter. Here is my letter:

Dear Dawn and Peter,

I wanted to dedicate my Slice this week to the two of you, for being my writing partners. For the past few years, I feel like I have come to know you better through your writing. I think we share a special bond because we write together. When I set out to start a blog and to write regularly, this was a byproduct I never anticipated.

I’ve looked forward to our Notebook Challenge planning meeting during this crazy time. It has felt good to be grounded in something I believe in, spreading our writing work in a way that I think has been good for our community. I also liked catching up and hearing the highlights from your days. I appreciated that we met at the end of the day, how we often showed up kind of tired or overwhelmed by the day. But once we started talking about writing and invitations, the day seemed to evaporate.

I love how our different personalities and approaches came through in our meetings. The planner in me would have never just winged our initial launch video on Zoom and I’ll admit when Peter suggested it, I had my doubts. I’m also grateful that you never judged (out loud) my awesome parenting strategies (aka bribing) during our meetings.

Our meetings over the course of the last few months have often felt like some of my more “normal” moments. Thank you for being my thought partners, writing parters, and friends. I’m excited that there is the possibility to keep this going, in someway, this summer.



Dawn, Peter, and I taking a silly picture, on Zoom, letting know our school community that we were ready to take on the new Notebook Challenge.

11 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter

  1. So much love and appreciation of your colleagues come through in this letter. I is filled with honesty, like in the phrase: our different personalities and approaches. You remind me to appreciate differences and not be annoyed when others don’t do it my way. Thanks for sharing. I’m inspired to find my own “group” now, too! Your slice is a great example of how learning together is the best!


  2. What a group the three of you make – different approaches, talented, passionate, and pretty amazing when put together. I imagine that the work you did in your notebook challenge was pretty fantastic! We enjoyed our challenge as well, and are going to keep it going all summer long. I’m going to call you three for some new ideas!


  3. It is always good to sit down and write a letter of gratitude- I think sending them along is one of the most important uses of our writing. And your post inspires! To keep notebooks, to share ideas and energy with colleagues, and to keep DL vital and fun. Love the pics and the line about bribing your kids!


  4. I love, love, love this! I would love to hear more about your notebook challenges- sounds fun! I love the way you described what you all brought and the learning you took away. I also love that you will continue this. I am starting a virtual writing camp/meet up with our third graders once a week beginning next week- maybe we will have some notebook challenges too!


  5. To show gratitude to others is a gift we can all give. Thank you for sharing this reminder. I think you are all fortunate to have this bond of encouragement.


  6. Those meetings, like you said, never came at the time of day when I am at my best — but somehow, the energy you two brought got me going! I, too, am thankful for the ease with which we came together and created all in the name of kids!

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  7. Love the three of you. Your partnership is enviable. I’ve been encouraged by you, heard by you, and taught by you. Can’t wait to write with you in another platform next year. 💕


  8. I’m honored that you included me, the delinquent writing partner who hasn’t posted in weeks. I feel the same way about you and Dawn. When I see some meetings on my calendar, I admit, my shoulders slump or I get sort of a knot in my stomach. When I see that it’s a meeting with you two, it never feels that way. I still need to find a way to tap into your powers of discipline. I applied for a grant to have an extra hour added to the day (not the work day, just the day — I think 24 is so yesterday). However, I’ve received no reply, so I’m back to trying to to make better use of the 24.
    Thanks for the thanks. Rightbackatcha.

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