Pac Man

I remember, years ago, hearing a story on the radio about the power of visualization. The story talked about children who had cancer. They were taught to envision PAC Men in their bodies, crushing and eating the cancer cells. That image has stuck with me.

Recently, I saw an image encouraging people people to stay inside. There were giant spiky red COVID germs looming over a city scene. It made me visualize the virus everywhere, inescapable it seemed.

Last week, our state enforced some new grocery store procedure. The number of people into stores was limited and aisles were only to be traveled in one direction. Many stores put arrows down on the ground to show the direction for each aisle. Now people were playing PAC Man in the grocery store, traveling in one direction, avoiding one another and the virus.

I haven’t seen those arrows, I’ve stayed home for over a month now. I’ve never been a video game player and don’t care to play real life PAC Man. I know I’m privileged to have this option. My dad is an ICU Nurse and every day that he goes to work, I imagine him riding in the elevator with those red spiky COVID germs getting ready to play a really advanced level of PAC Man.

I’m now visualizing a bubble of love wrapped around him, keeping him and everyone else who walks head on into the virus safe and protected.

12 thoughts on “Pac Man

  1. I have also read about the power of visualization in medicine. it sounds like a powerful strategy. I love the way you have used it here. This situation is so scary, but we can find ways (like this) to try to send love out into the world and help people on the front lines.


  2. What a beautiful, hopeful message. Each paragraph serving it’s purpose to build to the image of the bubble of love. But the picture…the picture really brings to life the words. I hope your dad reads this and feels the love, believes the love is protecting him.


  3. This is so beautifully written. The Pacman analogy; the way you visualize the virus. The drawing is precious, and I pray for your dad’s safety, wrapped in his cocoon of love. Thank you for sharing this.


  4. When we consider what is looming out there, it all seems terrifying. While home in our bubbles, it’s merely frustrating. I went to the grocery this week. It seems impossible to have them delivered here. Each day, they warn us that we should stay home, that we are in the height of the surge here. It frightens me more and more. The fact that I’m frightened makes me more frightened as I believed myself not to be easily swayed. But here we are with more time to think and less people to distract us from that thinking. I wish your dad health as I say in greeting now, stay well.


  5. I’m sending warm thoughts and more hearts to cocoon you and your giving dad.
    Your post was both encouraging and heartfelt. Thank you for sharing this today


  6. Everything about this was so full of love and concern. I hope you & all of your loved ones (especially your dad) remain safe. I,like you, have not been anywhere for a month now. I hope the “bubble of love” keeps your dad protected all through the duration of this time.


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