The Challenge Continues

“Wren! Do you want to write your slice of life?” This is what I’ve asked my oldest daughter every day since I ended the March Slice of Life Challenge…well, actually yesterday, I forgot so today she wrote two slices to catch up. Nearly every day, our routine involves me typing while Wren writes a story of her life in the air. I try not to intervene, but I do sometimes ask questions. Sometimes, we write together right before bed and Adi, my middle daughter, listens in. She often asks if she can write a “slice” too.

Each night, we text the link from Wren’s blog to our family. She has some very loyal readers. Somehow, that part doesn’t matter that much to Wren. She isn’t so cognizant of her audience yet. She’s more concerned with just writing every day and seeing her list of posts grow longer.

I’ve been really happy to carve out this bit of time together each day. I’m even more excited by the tiny treasures she’s creating that we will always have to go back and read. Sometimes, her perspective surprises me…like the day she lost her first teeth (two in one day), was the day she considers one of the best days of her life. Also, moments, I think mean nothing to her, she then decides to write about, letting me know that these moments do matter.

Tomorrow, our school is launching our version of the Slice of Life Challenge: Distance Learning Edition. We are using this time to offer a weekly Notebook Challenge to our entire school community, kids, parents, and staff-a time to get off of their screens and return to a notebook. I hope people take on this challenge so that families can experience a bit of the gifts I’ve had with Wren this month. Our words can be a gift. So can the writing process.

Here is a link to Wren’s blog, Wren’s Tweets, in case you want to check out her writing…shared by one proud Mom.

12 thoughts on “The Challenge Continues

  1. How wonderful that you have this daily slicing happening. Thank you for sharing Wren’s writing. Her texts have voice and good moves to keep the readers’ attention – dialogue, questions, action, description. My favourite slice was the dirt cake one. I thought of mud pies but it turned out to be an edible cake. Happy writing!


  2. “Our words can be a gift. So can the writing process.” – a gift meant for sharing. You sharing your love for writing with Wren in this way is so powerful and beautiful to me.

    Off to check out her gift 🙂

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  3. Sharing not only the writing process, but how to live like a writer. I love how you are gaining perspective on what stories matter to her. I’ll quote that same line as Fran…”Our words can be a gift. So can the writing process.” Stay well and write on Wren!

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  4. I was going to say, “She’ll thank you for this some day,” but really, you’ll thank yourself for these. I just read about Dad’s steak adventure. I just love, “Tell us a story, Dad.”


  5. It’s likely a beautiful glimpse into what Wren views as important in her life. And, as you wrote, it’s probably fascinating to learn what moments actually do matter to her- not perhaps they ones you would predict! Love the idea of a notebook challenge for the school… hope that goes well!


  6. What a beautiful idea, to blog with your daughter. What a beautiful thing you are creating for her – the memories, the writing habit, and this treasure trove of stories and entries. Good luck with your notebook challenge. We are up and running, and it’s going well so far.


  7. You are right; words are a gift and your closeness with Wren through the writing, shines through. I hope that families in your distance-learning community achieve that closeness too. It’s a great idea.


  8. I always say to myself, I wish I did this when my kids were little- so glad you are doing so many wonderful things with your kids! I also have been learning so much about my kids as they slice along with me. It makes me smile.


  9. How precious to be writing with your daughter and finding out what she wants to write about. I especially like the sentence about things you thought meant nothing to her and then you discover it was meaningful after all!


  10. Such a great idea to do with your school. You should be proud … is that who I got a glimpse of yesterday?


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