Halfway there.

Sometime last year, my husband mentioned buying me a Peloton bike as a gift. His gym at work has several and I think he works with people that really love the bike. I brushed it off. “I’ve never even taken a spin class!”

Fast forward to Christmas and I was gifted a Peloton bike. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that excited. What if I hated spinning? What if I didn’t use it and we wasted all that money?

The bike was delivered on December 26th and that was the day I took my first spin class. Since that day, I’ve only missed one day spinning…because I had minor surgery on my toe. But I blindly jumped into the Peloton community, that I didn’t even know existed, the same way I jumped into the Slice of Life community….head first and not quite sure what I was signing up for.

Each day, I’ve set aside time to ride (which usually means waking up at 4am) the same way I make time to write every day in the month of March. Every time I finish a class, I feel proud and accomplished-similar to the way that I feel when I hit publish on my blog. I was taking a class early in the month of March and as I listened to the instructor coach and encourage the riders, I realized that so much of what they were saying could apply to writing and this challenge. So I started writing while riding, jotting down phrases that I thought could also work here.

I planned to write this found poem using encouraging words from the Peloton instructors to mark the halfway point in this challenge. Who knew on March 1 that we would be where we are today. As I reread the lines that I jotted, I realize now, that these words could relate to many circumstances. So today, take what you need for whatever situation you may need it.

Halfway There

A challenge is staying the course.

This is not the hardest. The hardest is coming.

Discipline is your roadmap.

There is no trophy. No consequence.

Level up for no one else but ourselves.

We can’t do everything. You’re not supposed to. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

I see you.

Add something to challenge you in order to change you.

Your worth is not dependent on your deeds but what you give within.

We demonstrate resilience every single day. Take note of it.

Every hard time is an opportunity.

When you get to the point where you think you can’t, get to a new norm.

We unify and celebrate our differences.

Thank you for always showing up.

Let’s sit up and acknowledge: You’re on my team. We’re all on the same team.

Show the riders [writers] you know some love.

Only great things to come.

Now believe it.

27 thoughts on “Halfway there.

  1. I think my eyes are beginning to leak. (I’m not crying, you’re crying!) “I see you.” Every time I hear this, every time I say it to someone it has a special significance. It means so much to be seen, to be recognized, validated, encouraged. As someone who has coached many others and has also been coached to press on, keep it going, believe in yourself – I feel especially touched by your found poem. In short, I feel truly seen. Full of ambition to exceed my own expectations while also scared of the disappointment that may follow if I don’t. I’m halfway there, I’m almost done, I can see the finish line, I made it! All these feelings that flow from beginning, persisting, struggling and following through, you squeezed them into this post and now I’m all in my feelings. 🙂

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  2. “Thank you for always showing up.” – is one lesson I have learned over the years of blogging. Amazing how the spinning class instructor’s advice applies perfectly to the writing challenge too. Thank you so much for creating this poem for us.

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  3. What great lines. We do indeed need to take the time to make those adjustments and make time for the celebrations. I am starting a health journey today and this is great motivation. I will refer back to these quotes for sure! You are lucky and taking advantage of your luck. Here’s to continued good health.


  4. I love this – so many powerful lines in this to come back to again and again. And … halfway? Time is flying this year. Might be that topics are everywhere we look right now! I’m off for a run – enjoy your ride.

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  5. Such a writer living the wide awake life – capturing lines from your Peleton instructors because you know they relate to our work as teacher-writer-slicers. So many lines that apply to life in general – timely, slice, as you reference, in more ways than one!

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  6. Those are good found words. Words I want to print and hang up up over my desk I still can’t go to. Yes, I need those words today for I have no words. Every one wishes for your Peloton community today and your commitment.

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  7. First of all, I can’t believe you have the energy and discipline to get up every morning at 4 and spin. Wow. I also think that every one of those lines could stand alone. They are ALL so important and inspiring. I love that you curated them and wove them together into a poem.

    I also LOVE Dawn’s letter that she wrote for you today. I don’t know if the two of you realize how much you inspire others, especially me, with your partnership and commitment to great collaboration and teaching. Thank you.

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  8. First of all, how did I not know that you were riding this bike every morning? That is amazing. And now, the poem. There are so many lines that I feel like fit beautifully with exercise, but also with the situation we are in right now. Lines like, “This is not the hardest, the hardest is coming,” and, “Every hard time is an opportunity,” Of course the ones I’m really holding onto are, “Only great things to come. Now believe it.” Keep riding. Keep writing.

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  9. This post brought me back to the poetry class we took at Sacred Heart! Such an appropriate and motivational post for me when I was just thinking what will I write about next? I love this line- Your worth is not dependent on your deeds but what you give within. It connects me to my OLW which I have been living through this challenge.

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  10. I love how you thought to write during your ride. I have thought this same thing during yoga. So many of the affirmations can be applied to different parts of our lives. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I’m going to bring my notebook to my next yoga class!

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  11. “Every hard time is an opportunity.” These words resonate with me for so many reasons. I’ve been married for almost 40 years, and we have had our share of “challenges” that although at the time seemed insurmountable, led us down roads we may have never experienced. Who knows what the next few weeks will bring, but I am going to see what opportunities it brings.

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  12. I love the comment “Every hard time is an opportunity.” Sometimes the harder the opportunity the greater it is. I also loved the line, “Your worth is not dependent upon your deeds but what you give within.” Thanks for the motivation.

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  13. The vision of you writing as you rode made me smile – and then I thought, “I have smiled like this before during this month…” I am tempted to make a list of “places Jessica has written during SOL20” – from capturing Rose’s mutterings, to living (and recording) a slice with Dawn as you prepared for a COVID19 closure, to scribbling down your Peloton coach’s encouragement… and I *know* you still blog on your phone from their beds… You are at least as inspiring as your coach and your found poem. And I’m adding “found poem” to my list of things to write soon.

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  14. I just bought a Peloton for my husband for his birthday. It was the best gift I’ve ever gotten him. He loves it and I do too. You’ve inspired me to be more regular on the bike… not sure about 4 A.M., but I”m going to try to get on the bike every day while stuck inside during this virus ordeal! Thanks for the inspiration!


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