Another sign?

Almost three years ago, I wrote this piece, Birds, about a moment I believed to be a sign from my Nanny.

Yesterday, it happened again. I had been in the basement with Rose. When I returned to the main level of our home, I opened the front door to check for a package. I had ordered the girls sparkly dresses for that night’s Winter Wonderland Dance… would they arrive in time?

A quick glance out the front door told me there was no package and I quickly closed the door. Then I opened it again. Something had caught my eye, motion in my neighbors’ yard across the street. A closer look and I saw that they yard was full of black birds, swooping around and communicating noisily. I immediately thought of my Nanny and the birds one Christmas Eve, now several years ago. I thought about grabbing my phone but decided instead to just watch.

I stood in the doorway, transfixed, for several minutes. Honestly, I think I was waiting for something, maybe one of the birds to speak to me. It was the 15 year anniversary of my grandfather’s death, this had to mean something. Not sure what I was waiting for, I shut the door, feeling like the birds were a sign on their own.

A little while later, I went to the living room to help Rose with something. Again, something outside caught my eye, this time out our back sliding door. The birds were now in our backyard. I opened the door to get a clearer view and to hear the racket they were making. This time I grabbed my phone and took a photo and a video.

Who knows if these birds were a visit from my Grandparents or just a coincidental convergence of time. Either way, it was a moment that stopped me in my tracks and caused me to take notice.

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