A message from Santa…

On Saturday evening, our family took our fourth journey on the Essex Polar Express. The girls were dressed in their matching unicorn Christmas pajamas and bursting with excitement… and a few nerves from Rose. “But it’s dark,” she kept saying.

We boarded the train with friends and a festive mood. We were greeted by our bubbly host for the evening, Pixie Poinsettia. Pixie quickly learned the name of all the children on the 64 passenger car and sang songs and narrated the ride to the North Pole.

After the quick trip to The North Pole, we quickly spotted Santa and Mrs. Clause who were waiting to board the train to visit all the children.

As we waited, the kids dance, sipped hot chocolate, and ate cookies prepared by Mrs. Clause herself. In the midst of all this, we heard a jingling of bells and gasps from the back of the train car. Santa had arrived.

The girls continued dancing as they waiting for Santa and Mrs. Clause to make their way to our end of the car. Rose kept eyeing both of the newcomers suspiciously from the corner of her eye.

Finally, Mrs. Clause made her way over and took a photo with just the big girls, Rose escaped the shot. Santa followed right behind. Adi gifted him the beaded bracelet she had made just for him. It spelled out Santa Clause, Adi, and Harold (the name of our elf). Santa said he would cherish the gift always.

After snapping a quick family photo with the big guy, Santa leaned over once more to talk to the girls. “Can you do one more thing for me?” he asked.

The girls, gazed up and nodded, under the magical Christmas spell. “Take care of each other,” he said, a warm and loving expression overcoming his bearded face.

A Christmas message I hope they hold close to their hearts always. Thank you, Santa.

6 thoughts on “A message from Santa…

  1. Dang, there must be dust in here because my eyes just got watery.

    Wow, all the excitement and nerves and everything that goes with seeing Santa on the Polar Express, then he says that!

    Thank you for sharing your little slice of Christmas for us to enjoy. You have a beautiful family to share the season with! 🙂


  2. I thought Polar Express was only a story. What an amazing experience for the kids. Yes, the message is one we all need to remember.


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