Come visit me in the zoo.

“When Mom is tall like a giraffe, we will have to go outside to see her,” a piece of a conversation floats out of the playroom and catches my ear.

“No. We will have to pay money to see her at the zoo,” Wren chimes in, as if Adi’s original statement is completely logical.

“When mom is tall like a giraffe, you’ll have to take care of us, like the mom,” Adi continues. They’ve got it all figured out it seems.

I begin to put two and two together from this overheard conversation. I know Adi thinks being tall makes you a grownup, so perhaps she thinks I’m still growing and will never stop. But how can she believe I will outgrow the house?

I suppose I should be reassured that they’d want to visit me… even if they have to pay money.

11 thoughts on “Come visit me in the zoo.

  1. I will come visit you in the zoo when you are tall like a giraffe! I love how the simple act of listening led to this slice! I’ve read about writers who sit in airports or coffee shops just listening. The conversations they hear lead to character development and dialogue. I wonder if we teach kids that writers listen….
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love the idea that you might not yet be a grown up; so, therefore you are still growing! Some days, I wish I could be a kid again – not forever – just a visit every once in a while. A giraffe is a striking creature, full of grace and beauty – an excellent choice!


  3. What a lovely slice to read at the end of another long day of school and conferencing. I agree that this might be a spark to a whimsical picture book or a poem–or maybe a song. Love it!


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