A moment that felt good…

Our faculty meetings now begin with a “writing soft start.” Invitations for writing are projected and we are all given a few minutes to sketch, write, and reflect. We know that teachers that write are better teachers of writing and so we are making time for what we value. Today, as Dawn prepared to give the invitations, I called out to her, “Make it slice worthy…I don’t have anything for today.” She laughed and jumped up and clicked her heels together. I laughed, I’m sure others wondered what was going on…

The first invitation today is what I chose to write about, “Write about a moment that felt good.” In the four minutes that we had to write, this is what I wrote:

A second chance at a read aloud. The first time felt forced, somewhat unfamiliar despite the fact that the book was an old favorite. The plan wasn’t mine, yet I appreciated the new spins and moves.

Last week, at Teachers College, I sat next to Leigh-Ann for a day on talk-finding opportunities to layer in more talk for kids during read aloud, partnerships, and throughout the school day.

Amanda Hartman read aloud Thank You, Omu by Oge Mora, a beautiful story, with perfection. I sat in my seat marveling at her technique-why had I never thought to do that?

Today, an opportunity to try again.

This time I take on the new spins, add of a splash of Amanda Hartman, and a dash of me.

More ownership.

More joy.


So much gratitude for the soft start today.

Without it, I may not have had a slice


this moment to recount a good moment.


16 thoughts on “A moment that felt good…

  1. I love the idea of a writing soft start and that you have writing partners right in your building! Thanks for sharing…now off to find a copy of that book…


  2. After a day full of propeller failure
    and engine sputters, wing
    alignments and wheel worries,
    the soft landing on this page —
    the way your flags helped me find
    the blue lines of safety, parallel
    to all the worries —
    these words of mine, unbidden,
    arrive with nary a sputter

    — poem as comment, inspired by that ‘soft landing’ phrasing


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  3. I love this idea for a faculty meeting. Wonder what the high school math teachers I work with would have to say about it? I would relish 5 minutes to myself to write before we began. Imagine… well, I guess you *did* imagine. 🙂


  4. There are so many things I loved about the post – the idea of a ‘soft start’, the idea that teachers who write are better teachers of writing, that prompt, the four minute deadline and the amazing lines you turned out in that miniscule time frame.
    This should work with children too – the reluctant writers – short deadline and a good prompt.


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