Guest Slicer: Adi

Sunday was one of those days. The previous week and the frenzy of activity of from Saturday had caught up with us. The girls kept coming around, complaining they had nothing to do as we prepped lunches, folded clothes, and attempted to clean up the house. “Read a book.” “Play outside.” “Want to write a story together?” I encouraged…over and over.

Adi finally accepted that last invitation. “What do you want to write about?” I asked.

“When I choked on the grape,” she said quietly, surprising me. The grape incident had just happened the day before and she had instructed me not to tell anyone. It really shook her. It shook me as well.

“Ok,” I said trying not to make a big deal of her topic. “What happened first?”

We made a plan and together wrote this story:

PSA Always cut the grapes. I usually cut grapes in half, despite my daughters’ pleas to be able to “eat them like a big girl.” Saturday we were at a party and I didn’t cut the grapes. Now, Adi has sworn off grapes for life and I vow to cut them until they are at least 50 years old. Lesson learned.

10 thoughts on “Guest Slicer: Adi

  1. WOW! A) I LOVE Adi’s guest blog. Her pictures, her emergent spelling, her sense of story are all amazing. B) OH MY GOSH I WOULD HAVE BEEN TERRIFIED! Poor Adi. I hope she will eat grapes again. I hope you will, too. Hugs to you, mama.


  2. First off, so thankful that grape popped out! I think we’ve all experienced something similar and it is terrifying! Please tell Adi, she is one amazing writer! Her pictures clearly show the action of the moment. Her labels add details and help me know exactly who was there. Her words tell the scary story that ends with relief in “Mommy held me.” Keep writing, Adi! I have a feeling you may be a guest blogger in the future!


  3. Grapes! Always my biggest fear as a choking hazard too. My son will be 9 next month and I still cut grapes (Not that he eats them much.) Maybe writing about it will help your daughter process the feelings. I think better to tell the scary stories than keep them locked inside.


  4. I can’t zoom in on the photos, but I can make out enough to clearly imagine the moment! I love that Adi already knows that writing about things, especially things attached to big feelings, can help us work through them. So glad it’s a story with a happy ending!


  5. Adi is such a character. I love that she wrote about something so real. The ending is the best. I learned a similar lesson in high school. Don’t move a refrigerator when you have an ice cube in your mouth. I know the terror.


  6. Please tell Adi that she’s written a gripping story, and that she should write more! Tell her that she’s so brave to share something she initially didn’t want to – see how that affects people. My favorite part is “Mommy held me.” Oh, the power, the depth, in those three words …


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