All Worth It…

I knock on the glass door, the day and the heat press down on me.

Rose catches sight of me first. “My mommy is here! MY mommy is here!” I hear her voice ring out through the glass, part song part boast.

I watch as she begins stomping her feet to her song, twirling and moving her right arm as she crouches lower and lower to the ground. These are her latest moves.

I wait patiently for the door to be unlocked, for the hours to be pushed to the side, to embrace my girl.

The lock clicks and Rose is pulling the door open, sporting the cheesiest smile. Her arms are lifted and she’s still singing “my mommy is here!” almost like she can’t believe it.

I scoop her up, pulling her in close. Her arms and legs lock in as her head finds my shoulder. We hold each other tight, letting the day release, and time stands still.

She breaks the trance, lifting her head and gently taking my face between her chubby hands. “I go with you?” She asks, looking into my eyes-pleading. “I go in your car?”

“Yes. Of course,” I tell her as she throws her head back, satisfied, and we embrace again.

Day one after summer break done. “We can do this.”

16 thoughts on “All Worth It…

  1. Ahh, I remember those moments well! The reconnection with your own little peeps at the end of the day is the absolute best! That feeling of having her “arms and legs lock in” as her head finds your shoulder is a feeling like no other! Beautiful, sincere slice – thanks for sharing!


  2. Such a sweet reunion! The details are endearing-her song and dance, your embrace, her chubby hands. Above all, the reminder of what’s truly important.


  3. This sweet piece played with the passage of time so beautifully. The heat pressing, patiently waiting for the door to unlock and open, the hours of your day behind you, time standing still while you embrace, Rose throwing her head back, and your closing “We can do this” letting the reader know that you will be repeating a version of this cycle again soon and often.

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  4. I know the first line is literal, not metaphorical, but “I knock on the glass door, the day and the heat press down on me” really invites so many metaphors – the door you can see through but which still separates you from Rose, the heat that presses you down but also makes me think of the heat of your embrace later in the piece… And then those hands grabbing your face, the way she throws her head back. Yes. This moment. This is it.


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