Happy Birthday.

I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect moment to capture and celebrate my oldest daughter Wren. Today she is seven. I went back and reread my first letters to her, written before she was born. I listened to the stories my mom and sister told her about the day she was born.

I couldn’t find the right slice to capture who my girl has become. I remember telling someone recently, that she’s had a really good summer. She’s just been happy- and in turn, a joy to be around. I find myself in awe of her often- she’s a really good person.

Last night, still at a loss for the right words, I looked back through some photos from the summer. I think these capture my Wren girl.

This summer, Wren became a real swimmer. She’s so proud and determined. I love sitting at the pool, hearing her shout out hundreds of times, “watch this mom.” I see you girl and I’m so proud.

Wren has loved her time with her “twin cousin” this summer. Born just six days apart, they live in separate states. This summer, they got along better than ever. They bonded over music, playing dress up, catching fireflies, and bouncing on the trampoline. Her love runs deep for this guy…and all of her cousins.

Wren has pretty much always been a creator. She enjoys trying new methods for exploring her creative side. Here she is learning to crochet with my grandma.

I’m not sure where she gets her brave from- certainly not me! In the last few years, Wren has become much more willing to take a risk or try a new situation. She surprises me often for what she’s willing to take on.

Patience is a gift and this girl has plenty of it. She has patience for tedious tasks, her little sisters, and for all the jobs I ask her to help out with. Most days, I don’t know what I’d do without her.

Wren is sentimental- that she probably does get from me. She insisted I take her photo here- even when her sisters refused. We have several group pictures at this park, on this bench. She keeps birthday cards and special notes. She has a treasure box that may look like it’s full of junk, but they are small bits of things that matter to Wren. She also loves traditions.

Wren has a confidence I envy. She’s comfortable with herself. She’ll often tell me she loves the things that set her apart from others. I hope she never loses her strong sense of self.

I recently got some “parenting feedback.” It appears my daughters look out for each other, even when I’m not around. There have been plenty of bickering moments this summer, yet I know in their hearts, my girls love each other. Being the oldest, I see Wren as the core of this bond. She’s so excited for Adi to join her at her, as a kindergartener, this year. I’m relieved that they’ll be together. Wren has always been curious. This summer has sparked new wonder as her horizons are expanding. She often asks questions that lead to long conversations. She wants to know how things work- tools, the world, relationships .

There she is in a nutshell. My seven year old. Happy birthday Sweet Wren.

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday.

  1. You’ve captured your girl at this time beautifully in pictures and words. Curious, confident, sentimental, caring, patient, brace, creative, loving, proud, determined – I can only hope that each and every one of those pieces of her remain as she grows and learns! Happy Happy Birthday Wren!! Seven flips in a for you when I see you next xoxo!


  2. Happy Birthday to Wren! What a lovely post about her. I really love reading about your children and how they are growing and changing. I was going to tell you my favorite photo here, but I can’t – so many good ones. And… on a craft note… I like how you ended up using a photo essay to really capture her. I’m thinking about first days of school & our first memoir unit & I think I need to add photo essay as a possibility. Happy birthday all over again!

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  3. Happy birthday, Wren! I rely on looking back at photos to capture memories as well, and you’ve put together beautiful ones, beautiful pieces of her childhood that she will be lucky to look back upon one day!

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