Summer wonder.

This week, we’re at my parents’ beach house in Saco, Maine. The whole ride up, Rose kept insisting we were going to the pool, which is where we had spent a lot of our summer days so far. We haven’t been to the beach house since last summer, so when we finally arrived and took the walk from the driveway, around the porch, to the oceanside of the house, Rose’s voice rose in excitement as she pointed and exclaimed, “water!” She was in awe.

Yesterday, when we woke up, after being lulled to sleep in a heatwave that even the ocean couldn’t mask, Rose ran to the window and once again announced, “water!” the same joy in her voice as the day before. She was just as excited and surprised to find the ocean so close by.

In our three days at the beach, I’ve marveled at the wonder that the beach has brought my girls. Rose has been navigating new territory, walking on soft sand versus wet and trying to avoid the ocean’s surf touching her toes. While the ocean is off limits for her, Rose has discovered the outdoor shower. At home she feared the spray of the shower, but the outside shower has opened her eyes to the fun.

Wren prefers to build and create, choosing just the right sand and objects, handpicked by the sea, for decorating. She is so intense, oblivious to what’s going on around her, as she shovels, pours, and sculpts.

Adi is an explorer. She is on the go and has been working on her rock climbing, finding the best spots to place her feet to keep her going. She’s also intrigued by the waves. I see her creeping out further and further, before rushing back to shore. I’ve watched her lay at the edge of the crashing waves, her belly on the sand, head back as the waves crash around her. She is in heaven.

Each year, it seems that the beach brings us new joys and wonder. I’m just trying to soak it all up.

7 thoughts on “Summer wonder.

  1. “A heatwave the ocean couldn’t mask” what beautiful, highly accurate, description of the weekends weather. The description of Roses enthusiasm
    At the sight of the water was a slice in itself. Yet, you used it as intro to something bigger…how each girl, including you embraces the wonders of discovering all the beach and ocean has to offer…including bringing out each personality! Thanks for sharing …enjoy the week!!


  2. What a delightful slice! Once again, I love how you recognize and celebrate your daughters’ individual ways of experiencing the world. I hope you enjoy your Maine slice of summer. It sounds like you’re well on your way, and it no doubt helps that the heat has retreated. Here’s to the beach!


  3. Great images of the three girls and their different fascinations. I loved this line: the outside shower has opened her eyes to the fun.
    When we worked at a camp, we had to use an outside shower, and when Nancy told people that, they almost always wrinkled their noses and said, “All summer? An outside shower?” Rose should set them straight. You can keep your eye on that pesky sprayer more easily in the open air.
    I read another book about Lincoln this summer, and there’s a scene where he takes Mary Todd out to the open prairie, where it’s like an ocean of grass, and they have a picnic. Neither of them had ever seen a real ocean. It made me stop and think about how much they were missing in that land-locked part of the country, never experiencing the beach. I guess we don’t really get the full big sky prairie experience here on the coast though.


  4. It’s delightful to hear about the experience of your children at the beach. It brings back happy memories about my own days playing in the sand, sun, and water, and of watching my children do the same.


  5. You captured each of your children’s experiences at the beach beautifully. By doing this their personalities came through. Sounds like each year will bring out more wonders for each of them. How fun to watch.


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