Dear Preschool Teachers

Dear Mr. Pascarelli and Ms. Christine,

As a student, the end of the school year was always bittersweet for me. I loved going to school and was always sad to say goodbye to the teachers and classmates who had come to be my family that year.

The same rang true for me, later, as a classroom teacher. As ready for summer as I always seemed to be, it was hard to say goodbye to the students I had come to know and love.

Now, as a parent, I’m finding it hard to believe that we have to say goodbye to you. It was by chance that Adi ended up in your program, a last minute decision. I’m grateful every day for the circumstances that led us to you.

Little Wreckers, the program you have built from the ground up this year, is nothing less than beautiful. There is so much play and it’s all centered around the kids. They’ve all learned so much- about animals, the Earth, and how to be friends.

Adi views each of her classmates as family. The stories of your days together fill our rides home and captivate us day in and day out. Each new friend feels like a member of our family.

But the icing on the cake is the two of you. As a mom, I couldn’t have dreamed up a pair of better teachers to launch our little girl into her life as a student. Your joy for your work is undeniable and has been a pleasure to witness this year. I loved picking Adi up and watching everyone in action, how you got right in there with the kids- that nothing else mattered in those moments. This joy has transferred to Adi and she has eaten up every moment of her time with you. There is no doubt in my mind that she will carry both of you in her heart always.

I know I will.



7 thoughts on “Dear Preschool Teachers

  1. I love that you took the time to thank them in such an honest way – with writing. When we give or receive thank you’s in writing, they hold more power and staying power than spoken words. It is these kind of thank yous that keep teachers like these at it! Yay you, Yay Adi, and Yay Mr P and Ms. C!


  2. What a lovely, wonderful letter to send to Adi’s teachers. I can only imagine how it must have touched them. I’m happy and impressed that you took the time to tell them what a difference they have made. I tell people all the time that the best gift a teacher can receive is a heartfelt letter. This letter proves it!


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