Oh Friday

I sit here on the couch cuddling one child still recovering from a big cry, while a second child is still whimpering on the chair beside me. All of the backpacks and bags from the week, still scattered across the kitchen floor- left behind in the havoc that ensued as soon as we arrived home. “You can’t make this stuff up,” I think to myself…

As we pulled into the garage, after three separate pickups, I remind the girls that we will work together to get everything inside. “Teamwork to make the dream work.” As I opened my car door, Adi was already out of her seat and opening the passenger side door. “I already grabbed your backpack,” I told her and she closed the door.

As I went to release Rose from her car seat, I heard a scream. “Not fighting already,” I sighed.

The next thing I saw was Wren reopening the passenger side door, with wide scared eyes. I caught a glimpse of Adi, clutching her hand and coming around to meet me. Our first finger caught in the car door.

“Mommy! I need a bandaid. This hurts really badly,” she cried as I pulled her to me, a pit in my stomach, not really wanting to survey the damage. “I need a bandaid,” she wailed again trying to move toward the house.

Bags laying at my feet I quickly decided to leave Rose in her seat and tend to the injured first. I ushered Adi to the bathroom and took my first good look at her finger. “Can you bend it?” I asked holding my breath. It looked mostly like a skin boo boo.

“Yes,” she wailed. “I just need a bandaid.”

I covered Adi’s thumb with an Elsa bandaid hoping for “out of sight out of mind.” I carried her to the couch, passing Wren on the way-carrying the last of the bags into the kitchen. I returned to the garage for Rose.

As I placed Rose down on the garage floor, I reached back into the car for a few more left behind bags. As I came out of the car, I felt Rose cling onto my leg causing me to stumble over a bag. Before I knew what happened, I was sitting awkwardly on the garage floor and Rose was flat on her back, staring up in shock.

Time paused and then her cries came, matching Adi’s coming from the house. I picked myself off the ground, still wondering how I had ended up there. Holding Rose, I headed back inside to deal with the mess that had become our Friday afternoon.

You can’t make this stuff up…

17 thoughts on “Oh Friday

  1. You really can’t make this up. My kids are big now, the first two adults. Looking back, thinking of some of the situations, I am not sure how I did it, but I managed. I hope your weekend has some moments of rest and many moments of joy and fun.


  2. Wow! What a crazy end to your week. I like how you start with this vision – “Teamwork to make the dream work.” and end with, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” I hope everyone is OK. At least it gave you something to write about…..once you recovered.

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  3. Well told- sorry you and your girls had to live it first!
    But the feeling I get from reading is that everyone was hurt, but everyone was comforted.
    The love shines through in your slice.
    I love the detail of putting on the Elsa bandage on the “out of sight…” theory.
    That reminded me of the tip to have a black washcloth to clean up bloody wounds- so the kids don’t see the blood! These things really do help 🙂

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  4. First off, glad you are all OK. You are 110% correct that you can’t make this stuff up! Well told slice that someday, the girls can read and appreciate what it means to be a mother! I was not chuckling at the image of startled you on the garage floor 😉 Thanks for sharing!


  5. You can’t make this stuff up! I’m glad it all worked out okay, but in the moment I know you felt helpless. Your slice brought me back to my days with young children. Plans rarely went the way we thought they would. Yet, the memories linger. Hope most of the weekend will bring happy memories for you and the girls.


  6. I bet it all happened in under ten minutes! I love how you made it seem longer because I am sure it felt longer. I love how you weaved between action, dialogue and thought – you moved between what was happening and what you were thinking beautifully. Hope it ended with stories and snuggles on the couch!


  7. What a great honest slice of life. You really can’t make this stuff up. It’s perfect because so many of us can recognize our own moments in the midst of yours. My favourite moment, though probably not yours, was when you tripped over the toddler, bags in hand, and you both landed on the ground, startled. Oh my. I’m glad everyone is ok and that you had Elsa bandaids on hand. I hope you all got to bed nice and early and that today is full of non-injury experiences.


  8. Sorry about the boo-boos and shock and tears. That said, I love reading about you and your girls. You bring such a careful eye, shining light on details that might otherwise be missed and, in this case especially, you offer an air of good humor that makes it ok for us as readers to empathize while allowing ourselves a little chuckle.


  9. You really can’t make this stuff up. But you found your slice for the day and said it all beautifully. You didn’t even seem to frazzled. Hope everyone’s doing better today.


  10. Good times. This is why they needed to invent weekends, at the very least for recovery. I enjoyed your not-so-enjoyable moment…the writing of it, that is. You conveyed the chaos really well. I could barely keep track of the crying, the injured, and the fallen. I particularly like the image of Rose, on her back, looking up in shock.


  11. I love your pure honesty about the adventures of a working parent. Friday afternoons are not always a promise of rest and relaxation. What an amazing mom you are. You can tell your house is filled with love.


  12. Ahhhhhh, sometimes, it really feels like that. That all that can’t possibly be true within 5 minutes of arrival.


  13. In a word, YIKES! I am very thankful Adi’s thumb isn’t broken (I think she was very brave, as this is horrbly paimful) and that you and Rose weren’t injured in the, er, wipeout. Truth is stranger than fiction for SURE (what a skit this would make -!!)


  14. This is definitely the stuff you can’t make up! I’m sure you wanted to be sobbing beside them by the time this was all over. Not a fun way to kick off the weekend!


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