Capturing the moon

“Wow!” Adi gasps from the backseat. I look around for what has caught her attention. “Look at the moon.”

“Where? I don’t see it,” I say.

“Over there,” she says pointing.

I look and see a perfect golden circle against the morning sky. A sky just beginning to awaken into a soft blue- an uninterrupted canvas as far as we could see. The moon looked as if it was glued right onto the blue, like we could reach out and grab it.

“I wonder if Wrenny saw it,” Adi said. This is one of those morning we divide and conquer the drop offs. “Let’s take a picture for her,” she adds showing her sweet heart amidst her “angry phase.”

Sitting at a red light I fumbled for my phone snapping a photo just as the light turned green. “Did I get it?” I asked Adi, passing my phone back to her.

Giggles erupted as Adi let me know that I just got a picture of the car.

“It’s following us,” Adi noticed as we continued to look for the moon as we traveled onward to preschool and work. Each time we spotted the moon, we marveled at it’s beauty.

“Have you ever seen a more beautiful moon?”

Every traffic light we approached, I willed it to be red so we could try and get a picture. No luck on this morning…

Finally, before we got on the highway, we got our chance. Adi squealed in anticipation. I took a quick picture then I passed the phone back to her again.

“A picture will never be able to capture how beautiful that moon is in real life.”

12 thoughts on “Capturing the moon

  1. You are absolutely right! Our phones can´t never capture the beauty of the moon in real life. I have done it so many times that I gave up, and just enjoy the moment. I love your daughter´s observing eyes. Some kids don´t even look around them, especially so early in the morning. And her eagerness to share that beautiful sight with Wrenny. Precious!


  2. I saw the pink of the moon rising the other night. It was spectacular. And since I was home alone I tried to capture the magnificent on my iPhone only to be disappointed as well. It was a beauty!


  3. She’s right about the moon being spectacular this week, and she’s right about a whole lot more in this story. You are doing a great job of raising girls who care about each other. It’s a gift that you’re creating for the rest of their lives.


  4. I love the way Adi is paying attention to the beauty of the natural world. It is So much more beautiful than what our phones can ever hope to capture. I remember that feeling that the moon was following us as we drove. It is all so magical. I love that she thought about Wren too. These driving times can be so precious.


  5. I wrote about that beautiful moon too. It looked close enough to touch. My granddaughters have always loved watching from the car how that ol’ moon follows us.


  6. Just had a thought – capturing the moon is a lot like trying to capture our kids in our writing, isn’t it? I try and try, but I only get the echo of who they really are in all their fullness. I love how closely you observe your girls and how delighted you are at their discovery of the world. Hope they (and you) keep trying to capture the moon.


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