Last week, when Melanie Meehan shared my Slice, Some, as the daily inspiration for the March Slice of Life Challenge, it felt special. Melanie had emailed to ask permission to share my Slice and I anxiously awaited the day it would be shared. I hadn’t really considered that maybe this share would mean more people might read my Slice. I just felt seen and that felt nice.

Last week, when Melanie Meehan shared my Slice, Some, as the daily inspiration for the March Slice of Life Challenge, my friend, coworker and fellow “Slice of Lifer”, Dawn, shared the “news” with our entire staff. She wrote,

SES’s very own JESS CAREY is the featured inspiration on TWO WRITING TEACHERS today!!!
I know that some of my colleagues at school follow my blog or read occasionally because they follow me on Twitter. But my blog isn’t something I would have ever thought the entire staff might see. Over the course of the day, several people replied to the email, congratulating me on the share. Others stopped me in the hall and commented on the piece.
Then today, I was walking down the hall and a second grade teacher lit up as she approached me from the opposite end of the hallway. “I spent probably forty minutes reading your blog this weekend. I really loved it,” she said.
I’m sure my face lit up too. “That makes me really happy,” I said.
These exchanges have me thinking about how to share more of this with kids. How do we continue to give them feedback and help them learn to give each other feedback in ways that will lift them up, help them feel seen, and drive them to want to keep writing?

12 thoughts on “Audience.

  1. Yes! It’s so important to be seen/to be heard. I’m so glad you got featured and the ripples that followed. I think it’s a great connection to continue to lift up the kids’writing, to help them give each other feedback, and maybe to “feature” them at times.


  2. Audience can be such an incredible source of energy for a writer. It can help a writer move forward, help a writer see their words with new eyes and as you point out, it can help us see each other – help us begin to know each other’s stories! In this fast paced world, we seem to lack the time to see and know! So happy you felt seen and known and now are thinking how we can do that for kids! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Yes. I guess it’s partly the feedback, but it’s also just the idea that there’s someone out there s your words don’t just float into space. They actually make contact. That’s an important feeling.


  4. You are such a great teacher. Your experience immediately went to thinking how can things align so kid writers can feel the way I feel. Congrats on growing your audience. I KNOW soon you will have ideas so your students will be smiling too as their audience grows!

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  5. I was really excited for you when I saw Melanie’s post, but I’m even more excited to know that someone shared this with your staff & that they read it. And I totally hear you about how blogging (and being read) makes me think about how to help my students be heard/seen/read. Keep it up! I’ll keep reading!


  6. I love the focus on audience. It’s so different for each writer—kid or adult. I think a big part of our job as teachers is to help our students realize the power of audience and to help them figure out who they want their message to go to. Thanks for the inspiration! I love reading what an impact your blog had on your school community (and all of us)!


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