Every once in a while, we let our oldest daughter, Wren, text various members of our family. It’s a nice way for her to connect and also give her another opportunity for writing…with a real audience.

On Friday night, I was trying to keep the peace as I prepared for an entire day away from the girls. I was headed to Teachers College for the day and then meeting my husband for a belated birthday viewing of the broadway show, Hamilton.

There were sparkly, magical outfits to plan for dress down day at dance and then bags to pack for the girls’ highly anticipated sleepover at my parents’ house. I also had to make sure I had everything I would need for a day of learning and fun.

As Wren and Adi began quarreling… again, I suggested Wren follow up on my Mom’s request for a list of ideas for things to do on the sleepover. Wren took the bait and soon the fighting stopped as she worked really hard to communicate all of her wishes.

About twenty minutes later, she was still texting. “Let me see what’s going on there,” I said.

I loved the exchange that I read:

I sure hope they ended up having the best time of their “life’s.”

17 thoughts on “Texting

  1. Hope they had the time of their “life’s” AND I hope they slept the Friday night! True slice and smart mom move to use the privilege of texting to keep the peace! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Love that the peace making led to such a cute text exchange. I hope they had the time of their “life’s”! And I keep reading slices about the Teachers College day and am more and more bummed that I couldn’t make it! Oh well, next year!


  3. Great list…sounds like what my grandsons would want to do (except for the Barbies. They want to play with Dad’s transformers)
    Hamilton, huh? I’m still waiting to see that. Hope you had a great weekend.


  4. This is the cutest! What great plans for a sleepover with Grandma! Can’t wait to hear how their night went and hope your mom isn’t too worn out afterwards!


  5. Oh, fun! Love how texting lets us view a conversation. My grandson (when he was about 6) asked my daughter if she was “talking with letters” to me…. it is how my blog was named.

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  6. I love that you included the pictures of the texts to accompany your slice. My daughter loves to make cookies with my mom. I think baking cookies is an unwritten grandma rule.


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