Since Last March

I originally drafted this list last year, right around this time. I had read other posts, from fellow March Slicers, updating on their year. I’m not sure why I never published, but this seems like a good place to start this year’s challenge…with a few updates:

Since My First March Challenge, two years ago…

  • We became a family of five. We welcomed our third daughter, Rose, in May. Six days late. Well worth the wait. She’s already almost 10 months old. Blowing kisses, loving food, and scooting like an ape… not crawling.
  • Our second daughter, Adi, has become a big sister and the classic middle child. While testy and naughty at times, she may just have the kindest heart. Her love for her sisters is like no other.
  • Both Wren and Adi have found a love for water. Over the summer they gained confidence in the pool and found joy in the cold ocean water of Maine.
  • Wren, our oldest turned five and headed off to kindergarten. This has been one of the most challenging parts of being a mom yet… for so many reasons. Luckily, she loves everything about school- just as I always imagined she would. Now a reader and a writer, the world has opened up in new ways for our little girl.
  • I returned to my job as a literacy coach after a five month leave. It felt like I never left and we settled into a routine quickly. Life after school is pretty busy!
  • I’ve made time for writing and it is now a part of me. I think differently and look at the world in a new way.

Since Last March:

  • Our girls are now 6 1/2 (Wren), 4 1/2 (Adi), and 1 1/2 (Rose)…those halves are very important. We’ve celebrated each of their half birthdays by serenading with Rose’s favorite song, “Happy Birthday.” We’ve documented the milestone with a 1/2 birthday picture and that’s it. I’ve come to enjoy the half birthdays more than the actual birthdays that evoke jealousy and lofty expectations. Half birthdays are where it’s at.
  • All three girls continue to fall into the classic stereotypes associated with their birth order.
  • The recommendations for summer swim lesson levels were just emailed out and Adi will be in level 1 for the third year in a row. I still can’t figure out if she really can’t swim or she just really loves playing “What time is it Mr. Fox,” a level one staple, in the wading pool.
  • Being a mom of a first grader seems less challenging than being a kindergarten mom. There is a lot to be said for proactive parent/teacher communication, a strength of Wren’s first grade teacher. Wren continues to love school and we couldn’t be more grateful.
  • Adi started preschool and I totally held my breath, not knowing how that would go. I waited for disaster, but our girl rose to the occasion and seems to be following in her big sister’s footsteps. She holds it together throughout the school day, never wants to leave, and promptly falls apart at pick-up time.
  • Rose is no longer scooting around like an ape. She now resembles a big kid more than a baby…although she’s still good for a nightly snuggle in the rocking chair.  She has a strong desire to keep up with her sisters. So far, she remains pretty easy going and loves hard.
  • I still look forward to my work as a literacy coach. Some days are more stellar than others. But I believe in the work and the people. Kids are growing and I’m still learning every day….It just doesn’t get better than that!
  • This is my third March Slice of Life Challenge and I haven’t missed a Tuesday Slicing since I began in 2017. Life is pretty busy and most days there isn’t much time  left at the end of the day for just me. The Slice of Life has come to be the thing I give back to myself each week. A few minutes to reflect, write, and connect with others. This process has helped me to, sometimes, slow down. To notice.

This March, I hope to:

  • Be able to make time for myself each day through this writing challenge.
  • Grow as a writer-or at least stretch in new directions.
  • Connect, share, and find joy along the way.


22 thoughts on “Since Last March

  1. Wow, so much has happened in the last year! The old saying, “The days are long but the years are short” must feel so real right now, no? Looking forward to writing across this challenge with you 🙂


  2. You and Lanny both have three daughters–maybe you already know that. He’s a little ahead of you. I love the format you use to catch us all up on your life and share the important parts of it. Looking forward to a month of connecting, although I’m taking a deep breath this morning!

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  3. I love your slice and update about your life with three young daughters. How wonderful that your older two like school. I especially love what you said about Wren becoming a reader and writer when she was in kindergarten and how her world opened up. Your words and list brought back wonderful memories for me-I am the mom of two grown daughters ages 20 and 22. Happy slicing.

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  4. “Slice of Life has come to be the thing I give back to myself each week.” This is the perfect way to capture the power of this community. Like you, my life is full of coaching and kids and every day is overflowing with responsibilities…I love the way you captured how these moments of writing are a gift to ourselves. Looking forward to reading your blog this month!

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  5. By picking a moment and looking back, so much clarity. Your post inspired me to also pause, think back, what is different? Same? And despite busy lives, time to stop and write is always included!! As you say “This process has helped me to, sometimes, slow down. To notice.” Thanks for reminding me of the imortance of pausing to notice. Happy Writing this month!!

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  6. I really love this format to the blog! I think growing and challenging yourself as a writer is extremely scary and makes us venerable, so good for you! I like that idea of yours.

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  7. I love how you set up this first slice of the challenge. Thinking back on big life events that have happened in the past couple of years. Ending with some goals for yourself. I can’t wait to keep reading.

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  8. I love how you notice. I know that your ability to notice adds to the life of all who meet you. I will use this idea, the idea of returning to an old post to think more and write more. Thanks for challenging me to do this. Silently.

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  9. I am so happy to see you doing this again! (Former user name on here was anawakenedvoyage) I love your craft as a writer. Your choice of words flow so fluidly. Happy slicing to you this March!

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  10. I always love reading your slices and am so impressed that you’ve sliced every Tuesday since you started. Wow! I especially love how you write about your family and how you celebrate the individuality of each of your girls. There’s such heart in your posts. This was a great format and fun to read to catch up with all the changes over the years. These lines really popped for me: “The Slice of Life has come to be the thing I give back to myself each week. A few minutes to reflect, write, and connect with others. This process has helped me to, sometimes, slow down. To notice.” Yes! That!

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  11. Well, there was so much in this that it’s hard to know what to note. I love the idea of “since last year” as a topic. In a way, though, only a consistent writer could note so many of the changes. I think if I tried this, I go through the photos on my phone to remember. I love the half birthdays, free of jealousy, just focused on the song. Maybe that’s what birthdays should be like. I can also remember the days of the after school meltdown. The hard work of holding it together. It makes you see the kids in your class differently, to wonder which ones are concentrating hard on staying focused or under control Does a non-teacher parent realize that’s why their child dissolves when they get home?
    Great slice. I’m not sure how you manage to slice every week since 2017. My hero.

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  12. It’s fun, as a slicer, to watch people’s kids grow up! I come from a family of three girls, but am the oldest. My middle sister and Adi sound like they could be twins!

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  13. I know I’m late to this post, but loved reading it. I’m hanging onto these words from your post: “The Slice of Life has come to be the thing I give back to myself each week. A few minutes to reflect, write, and connect with others.”

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