I write this from my makeshift bed for the evening, curled up on the sweet 3×5 rug I just purchased for the room my two oldest daughters share. I’ve admired how it has tied the room together, how it fits perfectly between Wren’s full sized bed and Adi’s twin nestled by the window. The soft pinks brought out by the pale green of their bedroom walls.

I had never considered how it’s slight plushness might feel, the only thing between my body and the hardwood floor. Yet, this is where I find myself. Paused. Waiting for a rustle. Ready to leap for one of two puke bowls. Ready for another round of vomit.

Our house has been hit with the stomach bug. We eased into it with just our youngest, Rose, sick all weekend. But then as the end seemed in sight, Monday on the horizon, Wren fell victim and then Adi right behind her.

Now, bedtime and I feel like if I leave the room, I’ll be back within seconds. Both of their own beds have been stripped down, the laundry machines not catching a break-all casualties of the bug. Not wanting to expose myself further, I’ve decided the floor is safest- germs float up, right?

I lay paused, praying for sleep and trying not to see the dust bunnies that have hidden away under their beds. I’m silently cursing my new One Little Word for the year… pause. Is it too late to change to fast forward?!?

11 thoughts on “Pause.

  1. Oh no! I don’t know if germs float up, but I sure hope they do. I can just picture you curled up on the rug between your girls. I know this seems crazy, but in some ways I miss this…the times when my girls needed me when they were sick. They are so independent now. Maybe you can still pause to remember how special these moments might be some day. But yes, let’s fast forward through the vomit! Yuck!

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  2. That ending had my in hysterics! I can just picture you slicing from the plush carpet that you got to know intimately last night! This piece is loaded with humor (a little different for you!) Really admire how you took the moment in time and connected it to your OLW! Well written! Glad everyone is on the mend – I missed you today! Thanks for sharing!


  3. I hate and love this post all at the same time. I hate that your girls are sick and you’re laying on the floor. I love how your description of your paused moment makes such a vivid picture in my mind.


  4. The lengths mothers go to when sickness invades; I’m glad the rug made for a decent bed. A memory of parenting that doesn’t often get recorded, but should be; parenting is tough work sometimes! Glad to read in the comments that everyone is on the mend.


  5. Sorry for the inspiration, but it really did lead to a great post. I love the way it starts with the appreciation of the soft pinks and pale greens…so pleasant! and then the next paragraph leads us gently, almost unsuspecting…into vomit. Great writing from an ungreat moment. We’re glad you paused to write. Now it can fast forward.


  6. This is a well crafted piece. I sped read because I wanted to figure out WHY you were on that small piece of rug. Such suspense. Sorry about the reason. Loved all the details – the laundry machine, the dust bunnies.


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