OLW 2019

This will be my third year carrying a little word around with me wherever I go. I began in 2017 with JOY and ADMIRE in 2018. Both words caused me to pause and notice things around me that I may have ordinarily missed.

Joy and admire helped me to realize that pausing is important. By nature, I keep myself pretty busy- professionally and personally. I’m beginning to see the value, in hitting the time out button in order to make time for the things I truly value.

My one little word for 2019 is PAUSE. Pause will remind me to continue to admire and find joy. It will also remind me that it’s ok to slow down-saying yes to those things that will add to the joy, and no to what might just be too much. I will also carry pause with me to remind me to breath, to take one moment at a time, and to stay present for the people I love.

So here is to 2019…and pausing to see all that it has to offer.



13 thoughts on “OLW 2019

  1. Fabulous choice to follow JOY and ADMIRE! Perfect word for you and all the “busyness” that your life has to offer you! I imagine that your weekly slices will support your OLW in the best way! Yay YOU! Happy New Year! Happy New OLW!


  2. I haven’t yet found my olw, but I should take your advice and pause today to consider the possibilities. Pause fits well with those meta-moments that figure to be crucial in the year ahead.


  3. What a wonderful word. With three little kids and a busy professional life making sure you pause is necessary for your health and happiness. You write beautifully about how the word will support you.


  4. Have you read Mary Oliver’s poem The Summer Day? It is perfect for your plan to pause in 2019. I’ve written it into my notebook and plan to try to stay in the moment more often this year. I’m good at looking back and I’m always looking (and moving) forward. I’m not good at pausing and being. I’m going to work on that.


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