We had a busy weekend filled with holiday events. We cut down our Christmas tree, attended a get together, decorated, and ended it all with a ride on the Polar Express.

As we embarked on all of these adventures (everything is an adventure when venturing out with our crew), I kept noticing Rosie, our 18 month old, with a quizzical look on her face as she took on each new extravaganza.

It got me thinking about how she might have been seeing each experience.

Cutting Down the Christmas Tree

Oh this is nice. I love to be outside. This grass is fun to roll in. Oh look! Daddy’s rolling too! Now he’s stuck under that tree and it’s falling down. I guess we should bring it home. My family is so fun.

Decorating the Tree


Wait a minute. What is that tree doing in our house? My sisters think it’s great. I guess I think it’s great too. They’re putting shiny balls on the tree. I can do that too.

Polar Express Trip

Phew! We are putting our jammies on early tonight. I’m pooped after that party we went to last night. I could use a nap. What? We are getting in the car?

Now we are getting on this thing they’re calling a train. All these people are wearing their jammies. What’s going on?

Now they’re singing. I love singing. I should show them my dance moves.

Now there are people wearing funny shoes and hats giving us hot chocolate and cookies. Could this place get any better?


Soon enough, I know Rosie will be bursting to let us know all that she is thinking. In the meantime, it’s fun to imagine what might be going through her little brain as she takes in the world around her.



7 thoughts on “Perspective…

  1. Full of sweetness! Capturing her perspective is a fun way to think and write! Best line is “maybe I should show them my dance moves”! Question I have, is did she get her groove on in those jammies? FUN slice – thanks, as always, for sharing!


  2. I love how you structured this post – drew me in and gave me both points of view. And the dance moves … no words!! Thank you for starting my day with a lovely slice of life – I needed it!


  3. Kids give us new perspectives on what are doing, and why. It’s always refreshing to remember that how we see the world may be different (is likely different) from how others see the world.


  4. I always enjoy when you write about your girls but this slice has a special quality all its own. Imagining Rosie’s thoughts along with the pictures creates a particularly endearing slice.


  5. What a unique idea to consider her perspective! It has been such a long time since my girls were that joyous age, filled with wonder and delight at the holidays. Thank you for reminding me of the days I had forgotten! She is a sweetheart. Enjoy every minute!


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