There are always two sides…

This daylight savings business is for the birds…

So is having a late faculty meeting on the first day of the new time frame… extra darkness to keep you company of the ride home.

Getting home late means pickups will be later. Anticipating cranky kids who are also hungry. Hopefully they won’t be dirty, who has time for bathes?!?

Election Day PD means facilitating all day. That means more work to do. I guess I’ll be up late prepping.

A busy weekend means I didn’t get to write a Slice of Life on Sunday… add that to the pile.

On the bright side…

I got to spend an extra hour with my family yesterday, including my Grandma I haven’t seen in a few weeks. We always brighten her day and she does the same for us.

I got to help facilitate our faculty meeting today and do some work around text complexity that I felt really good about. It’s work that I think is so important and everyone seemed receptive. I’m lucky to have such a great team to work alongside and a great group of teachers always open to learning.

I got to sneak in on my girls, all cozy with my mom and dad, after their own busy days. They were loved and cared for and no one cried between pickups and bedtime. That’s winning in my book!

I get to spend time with my coaching colleagues tomorrow in my old school, it always feels like going home when I get to go back. I’ll see friends from other buildings and spend the day doing work I believe in.

I get to write. When I told my writing partner I didn’t have a slice for today, she said, “you will.”

I get to choose my outlook on the day.

12 thoughts on “There are always two sides…

  1. Perfectly crafted! You summed it all up in a poetic slice! Your message comes through loud and clear – we do get to choose our own outlook! And it is definitely a win when there’s no whining! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing!!

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  2. Perfectly crafted slice! Poetic story of the afternoon and then back to the weekend! So true that it’s you who gets to choose your own outlook! Great reminder for all! It sure is a win when there’s no whining! Woohoo! Thanks for sharing!

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  3. I love the switch! I’ve been trying to do this more lately. Do you follow Rachel Hollis? I always think of her line: “Same you, new mood!”

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  4. I love the pace of this piece – it is truly crafted to me pause and feel the number of decisions one actually makes that can impact one’s day. The last line: I get to choose my outlook on the day – really brings it all together and makes your point. My to-do list is overflowing so this was the perfect slice to start my day. I choose to embrace all the day has to give me with a smile!

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  5. It’s fascinating to read both sets of descriptions and realize they belong to the same life of one individual! We do in fact contain multitudes. Your post offers us the shading and contours of positive and not so positive perspectives. I wonder what other perspectives might also be in the mix.


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